Chapter 6

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  1. Body Mechanics
    The safest and most efficient methods of using your body to gain a mechanical advantage.
  2. Lordosis
    The stomach is too anterior and the buttocks are too posterior, causing excessive stress on the lumbar region of the back.
  3. Kyphosis
    The shoulders are rolled forward, which results in fatigue of the lower back and increases pressure on every region of the spine.
  4. Power Lift
    The technique that offers you the best defense against injury and protects the patient with a safe and stable move.
  5. Emergency Move
    Should be performed when there is immediate danger to the patient or to the rescuer.
  6. Urgent Move
    Performed when the patient is suffering an immediate threat to life and the patient must be moved quickly and transported for care.
  7. Nonurgent Move
    One in which no immediate threat to life exists and the patient can be moved in normal manner.
  8. Bariatric Devices
    Designed to hold patients up to 1,600 pounds.
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Lifting and Moving Patients
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