Mhoon Hymn

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  1. O noble
    O noble Kappa Alpha Psi, The Pride of all our hearts
  2. True manilness
    True manliness, fidelity, Thou ever dost impart.
  3. The Source
    The source of our delights and joys, And happiness thou art
  4. O noble (end)
    O noble Kappa Alpha Psi, From thee we'll never part.
  5. Now in the days
    Now end the days of happiness, Of pleaseure and good cheer.
  6. I lift
    I lift a cup of joy and health, To every member here.
  7. To Those
    To those who loved and toiled and strove, For thee in other years.
  8. I give
    I give full honor and revere, Our noble Brothers dear.
  9. When all
    When all our student days are done, Ad we from school must go
  10. Still we will
    Still we will honor, love and sing Thy praises o'er and o'er
  11. We'll live for thee
    We'll live for thee, we'll strive for thee, We'll all thy ways adore
  12. We'll long for thee
    We'll long for thee and toil until we reach that Golden Shore.
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