CRIM 2260

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  1. Bigamy
    When a person goes through a form of marriage while still married to another person
  2. Intentions
    "The exercise of free-will to use a particular means to produce a particular result"
  3. Conduct
    Intentional application of force to the person of the victim
  4. Circumstances
    Rel. circumstances that must be proved are the application of force or the threat of such force took place without the consent of the victim
  5. Consequences
    The accused actually applied force to the victim or that the accused caused the victim to believe on reasonable grounds that the accused had the "present ability" to apply such force
  6. Complainant
    One who makes a complaint to the authorities that he or she has been a victim of a criminal offence
  7. Acquittal
    An official discharge from prosecution, usually after a verdict of not guilty
  8. Precedent
    Previous decision or judgement of a c ourt that is referred to as an authority that should be followed by a judge in a similar factual situation
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The Actus Reus Elements of a Criminal Offence
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