IDS 270 Exam 1 Study Cards

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  1. 1) What is the matter with the graph shown below? What is the name for such a graph?
    (Five things min)  

    Image Upload 1
    Too many are categorized into one category.

    The name for this is a Skyscraper. 

    Has a dark background 

    Has too many guidelines which is distracting

    Borders around bars are redundant
  2. 1) What is the concept "Minimize Chart Ink"
    Only put a drop of ink on the chart if it helps to convey more information.
  3. 1) How can Minimize Char ink be applied to graphs?
    Get rid of Redundant legends

    Fewer guide lines (can be distracting to the eye)

    Better contrast between bars and background

    Get rid of redundant borders around bars.
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