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  1. Factual Causation
    Concerned with an inquiry about how the victim came to his or her death, in a medical, mechanical, or physical sense, and with the contribution of the accused to that result
  2. Legal Causation
    Concerned with the question of whether the accused person should be held criminally responsible in law for the death that occured
  3. Forseeability
    If the consequences of one's actions are foreseeable, it is relatively simple to conclude that there is a causal link between those actions and their consequences
  4. Active Euthanasia
    The deliberate use of a painless method of death in order to end the suffering of another person (illegal)
  5. Passive Euthanasia
    Withdrawing medical treatment with the clear understanding that taking this step will accelerate the onset of death from a pre-existing illness (legal)
  6. Assisted Suicide
    Offence under S. 241(b) to assist another person to commit suicide
  7. First Degree Murder
    • S.231 CC
    • First degree murder is murder that is both planned and deliberate
  8. Substantial-and-integral-cause
    • Special test of caustaion that applies exclusively to first degree murder under
    • S.231(5) and (6) CC
  9. Improper Medical Treatment
    Medical treatment that is not adminstered in good faith may sever the chain of causation between the wounding of the victim and the victims ultimate death
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