Unit 5 Review

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  1. burning of a material
  2. push of burning gases that propels some airplanes.
    jet propulsion
  3. kind of power produced when water turns a generator
  4. fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed
    law of conservation of energy
  5. upward push of water on a floating object
    buoyant force
  6. ability to make something move or change
  7. energy in motion
    kinetic energy
  8. energy from the sun
    solar energy
  9. fact that energy moves from a higher level to a lower level.
    law of thermodynamics
  10. push that makes any vehicle move
  11. stored energy
    potential energy
  12. causes combustion in a gasoline engine
    spark plug
  13. has plates that can be separated or pressed together
  14. causes lift by reducing air pressure above it
  15. harnesses the energy in moving air to drive a generator
    wind turbine
  16. has a low gear, a high gear, and reverse
  17. used to slow or stop a car
  18. raised structure where navigators steer a ship
  19. harnesses the energy in moving water to drive a generator
    water turbine
  20. increases the energy in a quantity of water by raising its height
  21. end of a ship where the propeller is found
  22. lets the fuel- air mixture into the cylinder
    intake valve
  23. raises or lowers a wing to tilt the plane
  24. blade for steering a ship or airplane
  25. front end of a ship
  26. uses sunlight to produce electricity
    solar cell
  27. used to make an airplane fly higher or lower
  28. changes the up-and-down motion of a piston to rotary motion
  29. mixes fuel and air
    fuel injector
  30. controls the speed of a gasoline engine
  31. allows one drive wheel to turn faster than the other
  32. round part that slides up and down inside a cylinder
  33. blocks the airflow to increase the fuel added to the air
  34. water behind a dam and a gallon of gasoline are an example of ______ energy
  35. wind is not an ideal source of energy because it is not as c_____ as energy from moving water
  36. both wind and moving water are c______ sources of energy , since they can be harnessed without polluting the environment.
  37. foil oil is a c_____ source of energy, because it can be stored in tanks and run through pipes where it is needed.
  38. electricity is very useful because it is easily c____ into  other forms of energy.
  39. the law of thermodynamics is strong scientific proof that _____ brought the world into existence.
  40. Water wheels with buckets use the ______ of water to harness its energy to run machinery.
  41. the one who made all energy is _____
  42. after the exhaust of a four-stroke engine comes the _____-stroke
    intake-stroke (or first stroke)
  43. the spark comes at the beginning of the _____ stroke.
    power (or third stroke)
  44. the exhaust valve is open during the _____ stroke
    exhaust (or fourth stroke)
  45. if a gasoline engine has fuel and air but will not run, the missing thing may be the _____
  46. an airplane will slide sideways if the pilot uses the rudder without also using the ______
  47. the propulsion for most big airplanes comes from ____ engines
  48. which of the following is a true statement about energy?
    d. energy moves in only one direction along a chain
  49. the main reason not more wind energy is harnessed today is because
    a. the wind does not blow enough at many places
  50. solar cells are often used with storage batteries because
    c. there are times when the solar cells cannot produce electricity
  51. steam engines and gasoline engines are alike because:
  52. they both use a combustion of fuel to make heat
  53. steam engines and gasoline engines are different becuase
    the one burns the fuel outside the engine
  54. the law of conservation of energy and the law of thermodynamics agree with all the following things except:
    the theory of evolution
  55. there are several reasons that God should receive credit for the gasoline engine. Which if the following is not one of those reasons?
    he made gas to be explosive
  56. the differential of an automobile is needed when:
    it is going around a corner
  57. buoyant force provides which of the following in transportation by water?
  58. an airplane is supported in the air by mainly:
    the difference of pressure above and below the wings
  59. the Christian should be thankful for modern transportation to:
    carry the Gospel to places near and far
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