Heart Transplant Movie

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  1. In what year was the first heart transplant operation performed?

    (Note: Done by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky in Cape Town, South Africa on December 3, 1967.)
  2. If lucky enough to get a heart transplant transplant, you'll have a _?_% chance of being alive for about 12 more years.
  3. How long does the actual heart operation last (although the process lasts 12-18 hours)?
    45 minutes to an hour
  4. Can you do a kidney transplant using a kidney from a person who recently died?
  5. Can you do a heart transplant using a heart from a person who recently died?
    No, heart needs to be beating.
  6. A large hose-like tube that is put in the aorta is called an Aortic _?_.
  7. If you have a pacemaker, are you definitely going to need a heart transplant in the future?
    In most cases no.
  8. Baboons are closely related to humans, but we can't use their hearts due to animal rights and ethical issues. A lot of experimentation using hearts from which other animal are taking place though? (The problem is that these are immunologically very different from humans.)
  9. What is the most common congenital hole in the heart?
    Patent Foramen Ovale
  10. What size are normal hearts?
    Generally the size of a fist.
  11. Can a patient be left on a heart-lung machine indefinitely?
    No, due to later complications.
  12. To prevent rejection, a cocktail of how many medications which affect the immune system are used?
  13. There is a _?_% chance that a patient will reject the transplanted heart within 1 year if taking the cocktail of medications.
  14. What is a stenosis?
    An abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel, or other tubular organ or structure, that leads to blockage that impedes blood flow to heart.
  15. Dr. Goldstein says that there are 5 connections that need to be done. What are they?
    • Left atrium (done first)
    • Superior Vena Cava
    • Inferior Vena Cava
    • Pulmonary Artery
    • Aorta

    (Note: Parts of these are left in the body from the old heart to be attached to the new heart.)
  16. Dr. D'Alessandro lists four things that are important in deciding in who gets a heart that is available for transplant. What are they?
    • Region of country or world one lives in
    • Patients that are the sickest or have been on the waiting list the longest
    • Blood type
    • Size/body shape of person

    (Note: Candidacy for a heart transplantation involves a head to toe body check which shows that the heart is the only thing not functioning properly.)
  17. Name the last blood vessel to be reconnected.
  18. When blood flow to a transplant heart is established, do most hearts spontaneously start to beat or do they need to be shocked?
    Most will start beating because they can detect a small amount of blood circulating within them.
  19. What's the primary thing doctors worry about after an operation?

    (Note: Other things include blood pressure, blood flow, or right heart failure.)
  20. Why do patients need heart biopsies periodically after a heart transplant?
    To see if patient is not experiencing a rejection. This is done by placing a small incision in the neck then passing an instrument through that takes place a piece of muscle that is sent to a pathologist for testing.

    (Note: These start being done every week for first 4-8 weeks then they are spaced out.)
  21. What is the ratio of people who could benefit from a heart transplant to donor hearts available per year?
    20:1 (60-100 patients)
  22. Is the quality of life after a heart transplant normal?
  23. What is the age limit for receiving a heart transplant in most programs in the United States?
    65 years of age

    (Note: The particular program that made the movie, Montefiore Einstein Heart Center, has a limit of 69 years of age. They also have marginal organs, which are not as perfect as the other donor organs, that can be given up to the early 70's.)
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