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  1. The glide slope pointer has dots, each representing how many degrees above/below the glideslope?
  2. Altitude hold will engage provided these three conditions exist:
    • Rate of climb <200 fpm
    • Altitude is between -1000 feet and 10,000 feet PA
    • Airspeed is between 70 and 150 KIAS
  3. The course deviation bar/pointer is scaled for ______ degrees per dot for an ILS aproach, and ____ for a VOR approach.
    1.25; 5
  4. Each side of the center reference on the glide slope deiviation pointer is equivalent to ____ degrees above/below glideslope.
  5. During ILS or VOR approaches with NAV engaged, at Level-Off mode engagement, it will provide a command, which when followed, will maintain an altitude within ___ feet of the radar altimeter low bug setting below ____ feet, or within ___ feet of the low bug for settings above ___ feet.
    10 ft; 250 ft; 25 ft; 250 ft
  6. X Overshoot, y range, z kias
    A overshoot, b range, c kias
    • 1 overshoot, 10nm, 90-110 kias
    • 2 overshoots, 5-20nm, 70-130 kias
  7. Approach mode, sub of the IS Nav.  Engaged when ___
    Cyclic roll cmds limited to ____
    Coll posn indicator will result in ___
    Cyclic and collective steering applicable for approach speeds from ___ to ___
    • Capture glide slope.
    • +- 15'
    • not more than one overshoot
    • 50 - 130
  8. GPS VSI/HSI Course Sensitivity
    • +- 1000m when farther than 12km from fly-to destn.
    • +-200m at 2km and less.

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