Brain and Cranial Nerves

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  1. Number of brain cells and mass of this organ
    • one trillion cells
    • 3 pound/ 1300g
    • * one of largest organs
  2. Four principle parts... location?
    • brain stem
    • Diencephalon
    • Cerebellum
    • Cerebrum
  3. hemisphere
    half of brain
  4. Corpus callosum
    allows for communication between hemispheres of the cerebrum
  5. meniges: ( location) and function
    • Dura mater: superior, ( outer most) endosteal layer outer thicker, meningeal layer- inner/ thinner layer
    • Arachnoid: (middle) medial
    • Pia mater: inner most deep
  6. Fluid that surrounds brain? function/location
    cerebral spinal fluid ( CSF): exchange of nutrients, waste products, protection, in ventricles
  7. barrier formed by ependymal cells/ functions
    BBB, ( blood brain barrier) protects brain from harmful substances, and pathogens
  8. where is CSF produced? absorbed?
    • produced: choroid plexus
    • reabsorbed: arachnoid villi
  9. cavities of brain where csf is found and circulates
    2 lateral, third and forth ventricles
  10. Functions of CSF
    nutrients, wastes, protection, in ventricles
  11. Amount of oxygen used compared to mass
    2% of body mass, uses 20% of oxygen

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Brain and Cranial Nerves
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brain and cranial nerves
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