OPA Week 3

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  1. Where is National Headquarters
    Alpha Chapter at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green OH
  2. Where is the National Office
    East Lyme, CT
  3. How many projects do chapters have to complete per semester
    6, one for each of the main areas of service, one for the permanent project, and one for the president's project
  4. How many service hours do active members have to complete per semester?
    10 service hours per semeter
  5. What percentage is needed for participation for chapter projects
    60% for active chapters, 75% for colonies
  6. What is the percentage needed for pledge class projects
  7. What are the four main areas of service
    The university community, the community at large, the members of the sorority, and the nations of the world
  8. What is the Permanent Project
    Mental Health
  9. What is the current president's project
    Empowering Girls in STEM
  10. When is the president's project announced
    At National Convention
  11. How often is Convention
    Once a year
  12. How many votes do good standing active chapters have
  13. How many votes do conditional status active chapters have
  14. What percentage of the vote at convention are from alumnae
    Up to 25%, for every 3 active votes, alumnae have 1 vote
  15. How many districts are there
    9 districts
  16. How many regions are there
    4 regions
  17. How often is district summit
    At least once per school year
  18. What are the three sources of funding for OPA
    Activation fees, Dues, and Donations
  19. How often are national dues paid
    once every semester
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