Causes of Crime

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  1. Biological theory - adoption stat
    Half of adopted boys who had criminal fathers went on to reoffend compared to a third of boys who did not
  2. Biological theory - Lombroso
    • criminals look physically different from normal
    • BUT
    • largely discredited
    • theory too descriptive
    • terms not clear
  3. Psychological theory - stat
    • 7% of harrassment is committed by the mentally ill
    • BUT incessant disagreements what constitutes

    80% of chronic offenders have psycopathic personalities
  4. Rational Choice theory example
    O'Grady study on the illegal sale of tobacco to youths. Increased after 5pm when there was a less likely chance of police patrol

    crime can be by opportunity
  5. Rational Choice Theory - crimes of passion
    • 2012 551 homicides including manslaughter
    • BUT too small to play imperative role
  6. Poverty strain theory example
    • Glasgow has 10 of poorest words in Scotland
    • Disproportionate amount of crime in all offences
    • non-sexual violent crime Scottish average 19.9
    • while in Glasgow it is 64
  7. strain theory fails to explain white collar crime
    costing UK economy £14bn a year
  8. social exclusion stat
    • half of young offenders in YOI have literacy rate of a 7 year old
    • Elder employment "turning point"
  9. family breakdown stat
    70% of YO come from lone parent families
  10. family breakdown
    • "broken homes"
    • furthermore, failure to provide nurture in first 3 years
    • life long impact on mental health
  11. labelling theory - poor people more likely to commit crime
    • murder rate 6x higher in deprived areas
    • "labelled" to commit
  12. labelling theory BUT
    does not explain why some do not reoffend?
  13. victimisation stats
    being a victim of crime aged 12 is the strongest indicator of offending aged 15.

    risk of being a victim in the 20% most deprived areas is twice as likely than 20% of lease deprived areas
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