Impact of Crime

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  1. Individual - loss/damage to property
    • 2010
    • £700 million worth of property damageĀ 
  2. Individual - injuries
    less than 1% of victims said their injuries were the most upsetting part of their experience
  3. Individual - fear on potential victims
    43% of aged 60 or over never go out in their local area after dark
  4. Individual - psychological
    18% of victims who were wounded suffered from depression compared to 9% who were victims of car theft

    more than half of rape victims suffer from PTSD
  5. Societal impact - loss of social capital
    women "very worried" about crime were 14% less likely to trust their neighbours
  6. Economy
    • victims of violent crime took 83 million days off work
    • costing the economy £4.2 billion
  7. Cost on NHS
    £2 billion
  8. Offending
    being a victim aged 12 was the strongest indicator of offending aged 15
  9. Impact on poor
    more likely to be victims and perpetrators

    • 2 times more likely to be victim of violent crime
    • 3 times more likely to suffer from emotional damage
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