Alternatives to Prison

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  1. Rehabilitation - why prisons are bad
    sentenced to under 6 months you are not legible!

    Howard League for Penal Reform Prisons are disruptive. CPOS not
  2. CPO recidivism rate
    36% compared to 60% of prisons
  3. DTTO's Dr. Roberts
    "not as successful as we'd like them to be"

    8/10 do not complete
  4. Protection - reoffending while on community sentence?
    400 criminals reoffend a week!

    • Privitisation of tagging G4S malfunction
    • but rare and offender manager

    considering reconviction rates CPOs more effective long term
  5. Incarceration
    prison violence - up by a third

    some alternatives more successful that others#while on tag 2% committed crime
  6. Cost effective stats
    • costs £50 000 a year to keep a person in prison
    • CPOs cost £6000 a year to implement

    • MoJ losing £2bn from its £9bn budget
    • Prison costs could be justified if they worked?
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