Passive 01 Simple Present

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  1. 1. You switch on the printer.
    1. The printer IS SWITCHED on.
  2. 2. You lift up the lid.
    2. The lid IS LIFTED up.
  3. 3. You take out the old cartidge.
    3. The old cartidge IS TAKEN out.
  4. 4. Now you put in the new cartidge.
    4. The new cartridge IS PUT in.
  5. 5. You push in the cartidge firmly.
    5. The cartidge IS PUSHED in firmly.
  6. 6. You put down the lid and press "Return".
    6. The lid IS PUT down and "Return" is pressed.
  7. 7. The printer charges the ink. Well done!
    7. The ink IS CHARGED. Well done!
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Passive 01 Simple Present
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