Heart drugs

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  1. What drug class is aspirin?
    platelet inhibitor
  2. what class is Ticlopidine (Ticlid)?
    platelet inhibitor
  3. What drug class is Clopidogrel (plavix)?
    platelet inhibitor
  4. what drug class is unfractionated Heparin?
    platelet inhibitor
  5. what drug class is low-molecular weight heparin?
    platelet inhibitor
  6. beta blockers end in what suffix?
  7. metroprolol, toprol and lopressor are beta ___ blockers.
    beta 1. means only the heart.
  8. propanolol, labetalol, coreg, are _____ blockers.
    beta 1 & 2 blockers.
  9. why wouldn't you use propanolol, labetalol, or coreg in pts with lung problems?
    they are beta 1&2 blockers. means they affect the lungs as well. they already have lung problems...
  10. What kind of drug ends with -zosin? What do they do?
    alpha-1 adrenregics. dilate periphs - lower BP
  11. What kind of drugs are Clonidine and Methydopa?
    alpha-2 agonists. tells the brain to lower HR, output, dilate - therefore lower BP
  12. What kind of drugs end with -pril? (captopril, enalapril...)
    ACEs. gets in the way of the RAAS system. aldosterone won't get the orders to close down the kidney club. water will leave the body - lowers edema.
  13. what's a common SE with ACEs?
  14. We all know what ACEs causes a damn cough, what can you give those that don't like it, but still need the meds?
    drugs that end with -sartan (angiotensin II blockers - dilate vessels)
  15. What kind of drugs end with -pine? what do they do?
    calcium channel blockers. tells heart to take it eassssy (dilate vessels, decrease workload)
  16. what drug class is digoxin?
    positive inotropic agent. (tells the heart to beat harder!)1
  17. what does nitro do to the body?
  18. what dose isosorbide do to the body?
  19. what's a common SE with nitro?
  20. what kind of diuretic is Mannitol?
  21. pts on diuretics must weigh themselves every morning. they must report if they gain more than __lbs
  22. when you're giving Dig, it might lower their HR. what is the cut-off point (too low?)
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