Ears, Nose, Throat

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  1. terbinates
    3 folds in the nose that keep stuff out. Can be obstructed
  2. sniff test is checking for
    nasal perforation
  3. gag reflex controlled by what cranial nerves
    9 and 10
  4. Wharton ducts are located where and do what
    under tongue and they gleak
  5. What is vertigo
    a false sense of motion

    • time of onset, duration of attacks
    • description of attack
    • associated symptoms
    • unsteadiness, loss of balance, falling
    • medications: ototoxic, salt retaining¬†
  6. Ear pain can be a symptom of
    upper respiratory infection, frequent swimming, trauma to head
  7. Malocclusions
    overbite, overly crowded, underbite
  8. Classifications of Malocclusion
    Class 1- Molars have customary relationship, but the line of occlusion is incorrect because of rotated or malpositioned teeth

    Class 2- Lower molars are distally positioned in relation to the upper molars; the line of occlusion may or may not be correct

    Class 3- Lower molars are medially positioned in relation to the upper molars; the line of occlusion may or may not be correct
  9. Enlarged Tonsil levels
    • 1+ visible
    • 2+ halfway between tonsillar pillars and the uvula
    • 3+ nearly touching the uvula¬†
    • 4+ touching each other
  10. labrynthitis occurs after
    ear infection or upper respiratory infection
  11. adenoidectomy
    removal of pharyngeal tonsils
  12. what attachment used for mouth ears and nose on otoscope
  13. meatus
    opening of ear
  14. malleus is in the
  15. sense of smell is cranial nerve
  16. Where is stenson duct located? What color?
    • whitish yellow, whitish pink
    • upper gum on the side
  17. Fordyce spots
    an expected varient, are ectopic sebaceous glands that appear on the buccal mucosa and lips as numerous small, yellow-white, raised lesions
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