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  1. Sandwich and salad mixtures should be placed in shallow pans at a depth not greater than ______ to accelerate the rapid cooling of the food.
    3 in
  2. A freezer unit for frozen food should maintain temperatures of ______ or below.
    0 Degrees F
  3. The major reason for the regulation of food establishments is to
    prevent foodborne illnesses
  4. An ideal floor covering for a kitchen is
    quarry tile
  5. Oyster-shell stock or shucked oysters sampled at the source should not have MPNB of ______ or more fecal coliform per 100 grams of shellfish
  6. For custard-filled pies to be considered safe, they should be cooked to
    155 degrees F for 15 seconds
  7. In order to avoid pathogen growth and/or survival, food that is greater than ______ thick frozen or partially thawed should not be cooked.
    4 in
  8. Oysters grow best in water with a salinity of
    0.24 to 0.27
  9. Oysters free themselves of contaminating viruses and bacteria within ______ of exposure in purified seawater.
    12 to 24 hours
  10. Which of the following is not a step in proper machine dishwashing?
    cloth dry
  11. When it is not possible to collect and examine a large number of samples for bacteria exam inations, an indication of the sanitary condition of the milk can be obtained by
    • -methylene blue reduction test
    • -resazurin test
  12. Of the shellfish listed below, the ones most likely to cause illness are
  13. What is the minimum period of wash time for a single-tank conveyer dishwashing machine?
    15 sec
  14. The final rinse water temperature for a heat sanitizing machine dishwasher should be
    180 degrees F
  15. In order to protect against salmonellae growth in time/temperature control for safety / potentially hazardous food, the recommended temperature for storage is
    41 Degrees F
  16. Deaths of newborns caused by milk-induced diarrhea has been mainly attributed to the bacteria:
    Escherichia coli
  17. Outbreaks of ______ traced to contaminated shellfish between 1900 and 1925 led to the PHS Certification of dealers involved in interstate shipment.
    typhoid fever
  18. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is caused by
    an infection with Escherichia coli 0157:H7
  19. Which of the following factors slow(s) down biological activity and preserve(s) food?
    • -high low temps
    • -reduced moisture
    • -salt
  20. The ______ was a system which encouraged dairy farmers to maintain large enough herds to meet drinking milk needs during seasons of lowest production.
    Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act
  21. Temperatures of ______ have been found satisfactory for the storage of refrigerated foods.
    38 degrees F to 41 degrees F
  22. Strong emphasis is placed on the control of shellfish because
    shellfish can transmit a number of infectious diseases such as dysentery, infectious hepatitis, cholera, and typhoid fever
  23. Contamination in a block of ice can be identified by ______ in the geometric center.
  24. Escherichia coli 0157:H7 was first identified as a pathogen during the investigation of two outbreaks in what two states?
    Oregon and Michigan
  25. Which group of the following bacteria typically contains most of the pathogenic bacteria?
  26. People at increase risk for listeriosis are
    • -Pregnant women
    • -newborns
  27. Beef usually spoils first
    on the surface
  28. The voluntary federal-state program designed to ensue a safe and clean milk supply is commonly referred to as the
    -Interstate milk shippers (IMS)
  29. Hot water for the sanitizing of assembled equipment is not to be cooler than ______ at the end of the system
    170 degrees F for 5 minutes
  30. The correct order of sequence for hand washing dishes is
    scrape, wash, rinse, sanitize, air dry
  31. Oysters, soft-shell and hard-shell clams, mussels, lobsters, crabs, and shrimp fall under what group?
    shelf fish
  32. Pasteurization of milk product does not eliminate which of the following?
    • -toxins
    • -antrax spores
    • -pesticides
  33. If the fat content of milk increases by ten percent or more, the pasteurizer temperature must be increase by
    5 degrees F
  34. The appropriate procedure used for bottle washing in large plants is
    wash, rinse, sanitizing rinse, air dry
  35. A solution of malachite mixed with ground meat will turn ______ if sodium sulfite has been added to preserve or mask decomposition of the meat.
    bright red
  36. The FDA action level for aflatoxins in milk is
    .5 ppb
  37. Common refrigerants include which of the following?
    • -freon
    • -ammonia
    • -carbon dioxide
  38. Food inspection programs of the future will focus increasingly on
    hazard analysis and critical control point evaluations
  39. When direct consumption of shellfish might be hazardous due to radionuclide or industrial wastes pollution; the median coliform MPN of the water does not exceed 700 per 100 ml; and not more than 10 percent of samples exceed MPN of 2300 per 100 ml, an area is designated
  40. Which state has a quarantine on mussels from May 1 to October 31?
  41. Which would be the least effective method of controlling condensation of moisture in food preparation areas?
    increase air temperature
  42. The quality of milk reaching the ultimate consumer is largely determined
    at the farm, where the milk is produced
  43. Milk is considered Ultra-High Temperature pasteurized if it reaches
    212 degrees F (100 degrees C) for 1 seconds
  44. A certified industry inspection is an inspection
    conducted by a certified member of the industry
  45. Which food has the highest acceptable plate count of E. coli?
    uncooked ground beef
  46. Proper facility lighting is essential for
    • -cleanliness
    • -accident prevention
    • -fatigue reduction
  47. Dealers involved in interstate shipment and control of shellfish must meet the requirements set forth by
    National Shellfish Safety Program (NSSP)
  48. If properly installed, one of the best floorings for kitchens, dairies, bakeries, and similar places is
    ceramic tile
  49. Which of the following agencies is responsible for protecting our waterways from contamination?
  50. In case of emergency, raw milk may be rendered safe for drinking if ______ and then immediately cooled
    heated in a water bath to a temperature of 165 degrees F
  51. A healthy milk herd is expected to be free of which disease(s)?
    • -mastitis
    • -brucellosis
    • -tuberculosis
  52. Thermoduric bacteria grow best at a temperature range of
    70 degrees F to 98 degrees F
  53. The primary responsibility of food service management is
    education and supervision of employees
  54. The amount of heat required to lower one pound of a product one degree Fahrenheit is
    specific heat
  55. A yellow to brownish black stain taken during the sediment test
    is a simple visual indication of the amount of dirt and abnormal substances in the milk
  56. Listeriosis is a
    serious infection caused by food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes
  57. E. coli 0157:H7 is often spread by
    • -direct contact
    • -undercooked food
  58. In order to simplify cleanliness, window sills should be sloped toward the room and down at an angle of ______ degrees
  59. Escherichia coli 0157:H7 is a bacteria that currently
    is difficult to test for
  60. Adequate light is essential for proper operation, maintenance, and sanitation.  A minimum of ______ is recommended on food work surfaces.
    50-foot candles
  61. Salty flavors in milk may be due to the use of milk from cows infected with
  62. When the internal temperature of perishable foods is 41 degrees F growth of which of the following is inhibited?

    a.  samonellae
    b.  staphylococci
    c.  bacillus ceeus
    d.  a and b above
    d.  a and b above
  63. Which of the following foods are not at high risk for transmitting listeriosis?

    A.  soft cheese
    B.  raw vegatable
    C.  potato chips
    D.  hotdogs
    C.  potato chips
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  64. Escherichia coli 0157:H7 has become
    a particular problem for produces and users of ground beef
  65. Which of the following is not a sign of bad fish?

    A.  sunken eyes
    B.  gray or greenish gills
    C.  elastic flesh
    D.  off odor
    C.  elastic flesh
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  66. Inspection report forms are primarily tools used to
    assure complete investigations and compliance with uniform policy
  67. Thawing a 16-pound turkey at 40 degrees F will take a period of ______ days?
    about 3 days
  68. Practically all foods, whether canned, pickled, cured, or dried
    deteriorate upon storage
  69. Pasteurized milk quality is indicated by
    • -direct microscopic count, coliform test, standard plate count
    • -phosphatase test, taste and odor tests
  70. An interior food service facility wall surface should not be constructed of
    -wall board
  71. The annual cost attributable to foodborne illnesses in the United States is estimated to be
    10 billion to 80 billion
  72. At what time and temperature specifications does a sweetened milk product have to be pasteurized?
    155 degrees F for 30 minutes
  73. Routine and frequent inspections of food-processing and food-service establishments alone does not ensure that adequate levels of sanitation will be met.  Inspections must be supplemented with
    • -quality control
    • -education
    • -management supervision
  74. As milk leaves the cow, it is approximately 96 degrees F to 100 degrees F.  Prechilling of the milk helps:
    to ensure rapid bulk cooling within the refrigerated bulk tank to the desired temperature of less than 40 degrees F
  75. The contamination of milk with sediment is typically the result of which of the following?
    improper cleaning of the cow
  76. Many states rules requre the refrigeration of Shucked shellfish at or below ______ but above 32 degrees F.
    45 degrees F
  77. Celery, a major source of salad contamination, has proven to be acceptable when
    immersed in boiling water for thirty seconds, then chilled under running tap water
  78. In a dry food storage room, the artificial lighting should provide a minimum of
    10-foot candles
  79. Which bacteria can survive cooking to appropriate levels?

    A.  salmonella
    B.  clostridium perfringens
    C.  brucella
    D.  shigella
    B.  clostridium perfringens
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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