Endodontic instruments

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  1. used to locate canal orifice
    Endodontic explora
  2. used to debride inside of tooth to base of pulp chamber
    Endodontic Excavator
  3. to cut and smooth walls of the canal; to enlarge walls of canals
  4. More aggressive dentin remove; to clean inside walls of canal
  5. also known as the K-flex cleans and contours inner walls of the canals
  6. removes dental pulp from the canal
    Barbed Broach
  7. used to condense gutta percha into canal
    endodontic spreader-3 types; hand, single
  8. used to vertically condense gutta percha into canals
    endodontic plugger
  9. used to spin root canal seal or cement into canals
    lentulo spiral
  10. used to measure files and reamers
    millimeter ruler
  11. placed on files and reamers  to help determine length of canals
    Endodontic stops or rubber stops
  12. used to enlarge walls of pulp chamber and to open canal orifices
    Gates-Glidden drill
  13. prepare canal for endodontic post; removes portion of gutta percha sealed in canal to make room for post
    peso reamer
  14. used to sever excess gutta percha after plugger end is heated; to condense into endodontically prepared tooth using plugger end
  15. used to dry pulp of canal, place medicaments and obtain cultures
    absorbent paper points
  16. used to double check working length of canals
    Gutta Percha Cones
  17. used to fill pulp canal after canal preparation
    Gutta Percha Accessory
  18. used to irrigated canals of debris
    irrigation solution(sodium hypochlorite and water)
  19. used to carry and dispense irrigation solution into canals for cleansing and debridement
    luer lock syring
  20. used to disinfect canals, stop bleeding and kill remaining vital pulp tissue
    formocresol/camphorated parachlorophenol
  21. used to lubricate canals and soften calcified dentin
    RC prep
  22. used as temporary restorative material to close opening in canal
  23. used to obtain estimated working length
    pre treatment radiograph
  24. used to obtain radiographs during endodontic procedure
    endo-ray film holder and film
  25. used to gain access to canal opening
    highspeed handpiece and round bur
  26. heats glick #1 for removal of excess gutta percha
    heat source( butane torch)
  27. powder, liquid and scoop; used as temporary restortative material after root canal complete
    intermediate restorative material(IRM)
  28. used to mix various cements to luting and base consistencies
    cement spatula mixing pad
  29. applies topical anesthetic
    cotton tip applicator
  30. temporarily numbs mucosa before injection
    Topical Anesthetic
  31. to administer local anesthetic
    aspirating syringe, needle and cartridge
  32. operates various rotary instruments during endodontic procedure
    lowspeed handpiece and latch attachment
  33. provides indirect vision
    mouth mirrior
  34. to examine teeth for decay, calculus furcation and other adnormalities
  35. to grasp and transfer items and materials to and from oral cavity
    cotton pliers
  36. to grasp and lock material for transfer into and out of oral cavity
    locking cotton pliers
  37. used during apicoectomy procedure to place retrograde filling
    retro filling instrument
  38. used during irrigation of canals to aspirate solution
    surgical aspirator
  39. to hold dental dam material for posterior tooth isolation
    dental dam clamps-winged and wingless
  40. to hold dental dam material for anterior tooth isolation
    dental dam clamps-cervical/anterior
  41. to place and remove dental dam and clamps
    dental dam forceps
  42. to punch holes in dental dam material for each tooth
    dental dam punch
  43. to hold dental dam material away from tooth and stretch across patients face
    dental dam frame
  44. used as a guide for making and punching holes in correct position on dental dam material
    dental dam template
  45. used to isolate teeth for dental procedure
    dental dam material
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