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  1. The regulatory level for total cresol under the RCRA Toxicity Characteristic rule is
    200 mg/l
  2. Land disposal by hazardous waste regulation does not include
    • -incineration
    • -sewer disposal
    • -fuel blending
  3. Neutralization and detoxification are feasible with most of the organophosphate and carbamate insecticides, but not with the ______.
    chlorinated hydrocarbons
  4. Heating of air, gas, or gas mixture up to 9032 degrees F for the thermal destruction of hazardous wastes describes a process called
    plasma technology
  5. Hazardous wastes generated by vehicle maintenance shops include
    • -heavy metal paint wastes                               
    • -ignitable wastes                  
    • -spent solvents
  6. Funding for the collection, storage, and disposal of household hazardous waste always comes directly from the individuals who generate the waste.

    a.  true
    b.  false
    b.  false
  7. Domestic wastewater which passes through a sewer system to a POTW is not considered to be a ______.
    • -solid waste
    • -hazardous waste
  8. Information and advice on what to do with hazardous waste when spilled in a transportation accident is available 24 hours a day from the ______.
    Chemical Emergency Center (CHEMTREC)
  9. Well-placed, existing solid waste collection areas are good choices for household hazardous waste collection sites.

    a.  true
    b.  false
    a.  true
  10. Wastes generated by the construction industry include
    • -ignitable paint wastes                                     
    • -spent solvents                                       -strong acids and bases
  11. Which of the following is the least approprate option for hazardous waste minimization?

    A. treatment                         
    B. process modification                                 
    C. concentration
    D. waste reduction at the point of generation               
    C.  concentration
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  12. Toxicity is determined by a laboratory procedure called the
    toxicity characteristic leaching procedure
  13. The EPA requires that toxic waste incinerators achieve a destruction and removal rate of ______ before the material is landfilled.
    99.99 percent
  14. The goal for hazardous waste management should be
    zero discharge
  15. Hazardous wastes include ______ substances
    • -chemical
    • -biological
    • -flammable
  16. Which of the following is not a type of hazardous waste incinerator?

    A. rotary kiln
    B. fixed hearth
    C. fluidized bed                           
    D. fuel blending
    D. fuel blending
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  17. By definition under RCRA hazardous wastes are ______ wastes.
  18. Hazardous wastes may be in a ______ form.
    • -solid
    • -liquid
    • -sludge
  19. The state or federal regulatory agency with jurisdiction should never be consulted when conducting a suitability audit of a waste disposal company

    a. true
    b.  false
    b.  false
  20. PCB waste collected from households is exempt from disposal regulations.

    a.  true
    b. false
    b. false
  21. A permanent facility for collecting and storing household waste should be located away from residential areas and places of public gathering.

    a. true
    b.  false
    a.  true
  22. The EPA requires that dioxin-bearing wastes be ______ destroyed or reduced before disposal in a secure hazardous waste landfill.
    99.9999 percent
  23. It can be assumed that all hazardous waste landfill liners
    will eventually leak
  24. Hazardous wastes does not include
    • -industrial discharges permitted under the FWPCA                                      
    • -agricultural wastes                                       -permitted irrigational waters
  25. Household hazardous waste is not exempt from DOT regulations when shipped to a disposal facility.

    a.  true
    b.  false
    a.  true
  26. Toxic priority pollutants include
    • -arsenic
    • -cadmium
    • -asbestos
  27. Which of the following is not a characteristic of hazardous waste?

    A.  combustibility
    B. reactivity                 
    C. ignitability                                      
    D. corrosivity                                      
    A.  combustibility
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  28. A household hazardous waste management program draws much of its strength from informed and concerned citizens.

    a.  true
    b.  false
    a.  true
  29. The regulatory level for benzene under the RCRA Toxicity Characteristic rule is
    .50 mg/l
  30. Support of household hazardous waste management is an avenue for industries to paint themselves as community leaders and defenders of the environment.

    a.  true
    b.  false
    a.  true
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