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  1. Which of the following devices is an example of a storage hardware device?

    A) random access memory
    B) central processing unit
    C) universal serial bus
    D) optical disk
    Optical disk
  2. Main memory is also known as ________.

    A) read-only memory
    B) cache memory
    C) optical memory
    D) random access memory
    Random access memory
  3. A spreadsheet program is an example of a(n) ________.

    A) vertical-market application software
    B) operating system
    C) horizontal-market application software
    D) firmware
    Horizontal-market application software
  4. Which of the following statements is true of closed source projects?

    A) Only users and developers are allowed to alter the source code in closed source projects.
    B) Programmers alter or add to closed source code based on their interests and goals.
    C) Only trusted programmers are allowed to make changes to a closed source project.
    D) Anyone can obtain the source code for a closed source project.
    Only trusted programmers are allowed to make changes to a closed source project
  5. When you buy an operating system for your personal computer, you are actually buying a software ________.

    A) license
    B) upgrade
    C) patent
    D) copyright
  6. 10 TB is equivalent to ________ gigabytes.

    A) 1,000
    B) 1,024
    C) 10,240
    D) 102.4
  7. Linux applications are developed using ________.

    A) C#
    B) Objective C
    C) VB.Net
    D) Java
  8. Which of the following is the operating system designed by Apple?

    A) Mac OS
    B) Linux
    C) Unix
    D) Android
    Mac OS
  9. A ________ is equivalent to 1,024 bytes.

    A) gigabyte
    B) megabyte
    C) kilobyte
    D) terabyte
  10. Which of the following is a nonvolatile memory device?

    A) main memory
    B) random access memory
    C) optical memory device
    D) cache memory
    Optical memory device
  11. Programs that perform business functions, such as general ledger and accounting, are known as ________.

    A) system software
    B) application software
    C) operating systems
    D) firmware
    Application software
  12. Mac OS and iOS applications are constructed using ________.

    A) Objective C
    B) VB.Net
    C) C#
    D) Java
    Objective C
  13. Which of the following is an output device?

    A) video camera
    B) bar code scanner
    C) mouse
    D) projector
  14. Ronald runs both Windows 7 and Linux on his desktop computer. This process is called ________.

    A) PC virtualization
    B) server virtualization
    C) desktop virtualization
    D) cloud computing
    PC virtualization
  15. Which of the following terms refers to a collection of servers?

    A) server database
    B) data server
    C) server farm
    D) portal
    Server farm
  16. Which of the following is an example of an application program?

    A) Linux
    B) Unix
    C) Microsoft Word
    D) Windows
    Microsoft Word
  17. A ________ is a small, lightweight, power-conserving, computing device that is capable of wireless access.

    A) server
    B) mainframe computer
    C) mobile device
    D) PC
    Mobile device
  18. A user interface (UI) is the ________ format of an application.

    A) presentation
    B) graphical
    C) web-based
    D) underdeveloped
  19. Which of the following is an advantage to the organization, if its BYOD policy offers wireless network to mobile devices?

    A) The policy appears to be permissive without actually being so.
    B) Employees resist turning over the management of their own hardware to the
    C) The organization can sniff employees' mobile traffic.
    D) Employees gain public access from any device, not just mobile devices.
    The organization can sniff employees' mobile traffic
  20. Thin-client applications are limited by the capabilities of the ________.

    A) operating system
    B) browser
    C) programing language
    D) hardware
  21. The term "open source" means that the source of the code of the program is ____.

    A) available to the public
    B) available for licensing if desired
    C) available only to carefully vetted contractors
    D) less stable and platform dependent
    Available to the public
  22. Linux is an example of a(n) ____.

    A) open source operating system
    B) user community
    C) mobile operating system
    D) application software that creates documents
    Open source operating system
  23. Thin-client applications are developed using ____.

    A) Java
    B) HTML5
    C) Objective-C
    D) C#
  24. Bits are grouped into 8-bit chunks called ____.

    A) switches
    B) nibbles
    C) strings
    D) bytes
  25. Machine code ________.

    A) is usually written by humans
    B) is the simplest mode of communicating with computers
    C) cannot be modified by humans
    D) is written in high-level languages
    Cannot be modified by humans
  26. Which of the following terms refers to the process of a single server hosting many versions of desktop operating systems?

    A) server virtualization
    B) PC virtualization
    C) desktop virtualization
    D) cloud computing
    Desktop virtualization
  27. With ________, a computer, such as a desktop or portable computer, hosts several different operating systems.

    A) PC virtualization
    B) parallel computing
    C) cloud computing
    D) grid computing
    PC virtualization
  28. Which of the following is a function of an application program?

    A) accessing a customer database
    B) allocating main memory to programs
    C) performing memory swapping
    D) allocating resources to a computer
    Accessing a customer database
  29. ________ is installed in special, read-only memory in devices like printers or communication devices.

    A) Vertical-market software
    B) Firmware
    C) Operating system
    D) Application software
  30. Bits are used for computer data because they ________.

    A) are easy to represent electronically
    B) do not function as switches in networks
    C) are used in common calculations
    D) do not support multiple voltage levels
    Are easy to represent electronically
  31. Server application programs are programs that ________.

    A) are processed on client computers
    B) control the client computer's resources
    C) control the server computer's resources
    D) are processed on server computers
    Are processed on server computers
  32. An application that requires support beyond a browser on the user's computer is known as a(n) ________.

    A) open source program
    B) thin-client application
    C) cloud application
    D) thick-client application
    Thick-client application
  33. ________ is data delivered to the user at the precise time it is needed.

    A) Raw data
    B) Real-time data
    C) Just-in-time data
    D) Block data
    Just-in-time data
  34. Which of the following memory devices is volatile in nature?

    A) magnetic disk
    B) hard drive
    C) cache
    D) optical disk
  35. Which of the following is an example of an open source operating system?

    A) MySQL
    B) MS Office
    C) Apache
    D) Ubuntu
  36. Android applications are developed using _______.

    A) C#
    B) VB.Net
    C) Objective C
    D) Java
  37. Which of the following is an open source browser?

    A) Internet Explorer
    B) Ubuntu
    C) Apache
    D) Firefox
  38. ________ is a version of Unix that was developed by an open source community.

    A) Android
    B) Mac OS
    C) Symbian OS
    D) Linux
  39. To run a program or process data, the computer first transfers the program or data from disk to the ________.

    A) cache memory
    B) main memory
    C) central processing unit
    D) input device
    Main memory
  40. Which of the following is an example of a closed source project?

    A) Ubuntu
    B) Android
    C) Firefox
    D) Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Office
  41. A client-server application that nothing more than a browser is called a ________.

    A) thick-client application
    B) thin-client application
    C) firmware
    D) desktop application
    Thin-client application
  42. Which of the following statements is true of firmware?

    A) The software is coded differently from other software.
    B) Users do not need to load firmware into the a device's memory.
    C) Firmware is the same as system cache.
    D) Firmware cannot be changed or upgraded.
    Users do not need to load firmware into the a device's memory
  43. ________ occurs when users move their activities, especially long-running transactions, across devices.

    A) Reaping
    B) Tracking
    C) Formatting
    D) Roaming
  44. When using volatile memory, the ________.

    A) files are stored permanently
    B) processor heats up during operation
    C) processing becomes very slow
    D) contents are lost when power is off
    Contents are lost when power is off
  45. DenTimes, a software package for dentists, is an example of a ________.

    A) horizontal-market application software
    B) one-of-a-kind application software
    C) vertical-market application software
    D) generic market application software
    Vertical-market application software
  46. Which of the following is an example of a vertical-market application software?

    A) Microsoft PowerPoint used to create presentations
    B) at-home tax preparation software
    C) Adobe suite used by graphic designers
    D) inventory tracking software for an auto manufacturer
    Inventory tracking software for an auto manufacturer
  47. Which of the following is an input hardware device?

    A) printer
    B) projector
    C) plotter
    D) bar code scanner
    Bar code scanner
  48. ________ install and update software, back up and restore mobile devices, wipe software and data from devices in the event the device is lost or the employee leaves the
    company, report usage, and provide other mobile device management data.

    A) MDM software
    B) Data managers
    C) IS departments
    D) BYOD managers
    MDM software

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