Pharm test 3

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  1. Pt. has been dx with leukemia. Pt comes to the ER with severe abdominal pain r/t ulcerative colitis. What medication would exacerbate the sx of the pts ulcerative colitis?
  2. A pt using Flunisolide (Aerobid) is getting discouraged because after a week of use she has not seen any results. As the nurse what would you tell the pt to do?
    Continue use bc benefits of this med take 2 to 3 weeks to appear
  3. Antitussives work in the CNS to depress the cough reflex. These drugs would MOST LIKELY be contraindicated in a pt with what condition?
    • 16 year old female with pneumonia
    • use CAUTION with 30 year old semi driver due to drowsiness
  4. What are the actions of acetaminophen?
    Acts directly on the hypothalamus, used to treat pain/fever, safest drug on the market
  5. Which category of antineoplastic agents are patients at risk for pulmonary toxicity?
  6. Adverse effects associated with topical decongestats can include
    confusion, rebound congestion, stinging and burning
  7. Sings of Salicylate toxicity include the following
    tachypnea, excitement, hemorrhage, and confusion
  8. Salicylates are popular for which effects?
    Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic
  9. Alkylating agents are used for treatment of what conditions?
    Hodgkins, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and malignant lymphomas
  10. Dr. Prescribes pt to take salicylate for its antipyretic and analgesic properties besides watching for bleeding abnormalities, what else should the nurse assess for?
    Acidosis, and 8th cranial nerve damage
  11. A nurse is doing pt teaching with a woman prescribed a daily acetaminophen regimen. Which pt statement demonstrates understanding?
    If I take more than 4000 mg a day it can damage my liver
  12. How long BEFORE working out would a pt that has exercise induced asthma need to take epinephrine?
    30-60 min
  13. What is the drug of choice for treatment of acute bronchospasm?
  14. Drug that blocks the cough reflex
  15. Generation of new blood vessels
  16. What is inhibited in the action of mast cell stabelizers?
    slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis
  17. which is an antimetabite used for leukemia, psoriasis, and RA?
  18. What would be contraindications for pseudoephedrine (sudafed)
    Pulmonary emboli
    • Glauoma
    • HTN
    • Diabetes
  19. What are teaching points for a pt receiving the drug chlorambucil, an alkylating agent?
    • Arrange blod tests before, periodically during and for at least 3 weeks after therapy
    • use barrier contraceptives
    • make sure pt is well hydrated
  20. A pt has been recently dx with arthritis is being prescribed meds to treat inflammation. While questioning the pt about her allergies, she states she is allergic to sulfa drugs. What drug should the pt avoid?
  21. prior to administering mitotic inhibitos, what is the first thing the nurse should asses prior to injection?
    Distal vein has patent IV line
  22. What drug class suppresses cough and acts as a local anesthetic by increasing secretions and suppressing the medullary center?
  23. Which adverse effect would be most specific to tamoxifen
    menopausal effects
  24. What should be assessed before administering calfacant
    endotracheal tube, lung sounds, O2 sat levels
  25. WhWhich effect would result from the action of montelukast
    decreased esinophin migration
  26. naturally occuring substances, including caffeine, and theophylline, that have a direct effect on smooth muscle of respiratory tract both in bronchi and blood vessels
  27. drugs that selectively block or antagonize receptors for the production of leukotrienes D4 and E4, components of slow-reacting substance of anapylaxis
    leukotriene receptor antagonisis
  28. Dornase alfa (pulmozyme) because of its mechanism of action, is reserved for use in
    facilatating removal of secretions post op
  29. When should antihistamines be used very cautiously?
    with a hx of arrhythmias or prolonged QT intervals
  30. pts with seasonal rhinitis experiencing irritation and inflammation of the nasal pagges and passages of the upper airways treatment
    topical nasal steroids
  31. drugs that increase or liquefy respiratory secretions to aid the clearing of airways
  32. drugs that increase productive cough to clear airways
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