Art V01 Final Part III

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  1. a
    Henri Matisse, Red Room (Harmonyin Red) (1908-1909) O/C
  2. a
    Pablo Picasso, LesDemoiselles d'Avignon (1907) O/C
  3. a
    Umberto Boccioni, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913) Bronze
  4. a
    Constantin Brancusi, Bird in Space(1928) Bronze
  5. a
    Salvador Dalí, The Persistence of Memory (1931) O/C
  6. a
    Jackson Pollock, One (Number 31, 1950) (1950) O& Enamel/C 2
  7. a
    Francis Bacon, Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef (1954) O/C
  8. a
    Robert Rauschenberg, The Bed (1955)
  9. a
    Andy Warhol, Green Coca-Cola Bottles (1962) O/C
  10. a
    Jeff Koons, Elephant, 2000-2004
  11. a
    Kara Walker, Insurrection! 2000
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