Xformrers week 3

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  1. the power leg is how many coils away from the neutral bushing of the lighter tranformer
    1 1/2
  2. the lighter transformer has a ______ KVA rating than the power pot
  3. the lighting transformer supplies the _______ of the single phase load and half of the three phase load.
  4. what is the voltage from the power leg to the neutral of the lighting transformer
  5. what is the voltage form the power leg to any hot leg on the lighting transformer
  6. if you accidentally connect the power leg to a hot leg at the customer's service, what could be the consequences
    damage customers 120v electrical appliances
  7. if the primary coil voltage of a transformer is the same as the phase to phase voltage of the system, the transformer will be connected wye or delta
    Delta, system voltage
  8. how many primary phases are required to connect open wye primary to provide three phase open delta secondary
  9. can open wye secondary provide three phase power using two transformers
  10. can you get 3 phase 120/208 from an open delta bank? what is the three phase voltage from an open delta bank on the secondary side
    No. 120/240, 240/480
  11. can two or three single phase transformers be connected to supply three phase service
    yes; 120,120,208,240,240,240
  12. if the primary side of two transformers are connected to two phases and a neutral, is this a wye or delta connection
  13. can you get three phase secondary using two phases of the primary? how would that primary connection be configured, wye or delta
    yes, wye
  14. how do you swap rotation on three phase transformers
    swap two hot legs on the lighting transformer
  15. how many phases are required on the primary side of an open delta/open delta bank
  16. on a 2 pot bank how will the secondary be hooked up wye or delta
  17. what is an open bank
    two transformers banked together to supply 3 phase secondary power
  18. how many phases are required to hook up the primary connections of an open delta bank
  19. how many phases are required to hook up the primary connections of an open bank wye
  20. open banks are only ____ as efficient as closed banks (closed banks have 3 transformers
  21. if one transformer on a closed delta bank goes bad, how can you provided temporary power
    re wire it to form an open delta
  22. how do you connect the primary on a open bank delta
    H1 to phase, H2 and H1 connect to phase, H2 connect to a phase
  23. how do you connect the primary on a open wye bank
    H1 to phase, H2 and H2 connect to ground, H1 to phase
  24. how do you connect the secondary on open delta-open delta banks, transformer are additive
    X3 is power leg to phase, X2 is open, X1 connects to X3 to phase, X2 to neutral, X1 to phase
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