MCJ 176: Current Events (4)

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  1. How many American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan?
  2. All 18 people aboard were killed when a plane crashed into a snow-covered mountain in this country:
  3. Which two countries are the world's largest sources of greenhouse-gas emissions?
    (1) China

    (2) United States
  4. Ten students were killed and more than 100 injured in the collapse of an auditorium roof loaded down with snow and rain. Name the country where this happened.
    South Korea
  5. A plane hijacked by its Ethiopian co-pilot was forced to land in this city and country:
    Geneva, Switzerland
  6. Police have stormed an anti-government protest camp in the capital city of this country, where at least nine people died in clashes this week. Name the city and country, which was once part of the Soviet Union.
    Kiev, Ukraine
  7. An American artist, upset that works by local artists were not being displayed, deliberately broke a $1 million vase created by a Chinese artist. Name the city where this happened.
  8. A militant group in this country says it is responsible for a bombing attack on a tourist bus that killed four people. Name the country where the attacked occurred.
  9. Iran has begun formal talks with six world powers in Vienna to try to reach a comprehensive agreement to limit its controversial nuclear program. Name the six countries.
    (1) China

    (2) France

    (3) Russia

    (4) United Kingdom

    (5) United States

    (6) Germany
  10. The ex-military ruler of Pakistan has appeared in court for the first time to face charges of treason. Name him.
    Pervez Musharraf
  11. A UN panel says this Asian country has carried out deliberate starvation, torture and other abuses that constitute crimes against humanity and should be referred to an international court for prosecution. Name the country AND its leader.
    North Korea

    Kim Jong-un
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MCJ 176: Current Events (4)
MCJ 176: Current Events (4)
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