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  1. What 3 things combined create total daily energy expenditure?
    -Thermic effect of food

    -resting metabolic rate

    -Thermic effect of exercise
  2. Thermic effect of exercise) what percent is the total energy output?
  3. Thermic effect of exercise) what is it?
    Energy expended due to any movement or work above basal levelsq
  4. What is resting metabolic rate?
    Energy expended to maintain basal functions of the body
  5. Which is the highest proportion of total energy expenditure?
    Basal metabolism
  6. What can increase one's resting metabolic rate?
    Having more lean tissue
  7. What is the Theremin effect of food?
    Energy expended to process food
  8. What are 4 factors that increase the Thermic effect of food?



  9. macro metabolism) which macro can be stored as adipose tissue?
    • fats
    • *increase fat intake does not immediately stimulate fat oxidation which increases possibility that dietary fat will be stored.
  10. What is body composition?
    Measurement of body fat and lean muscle mass
  11. Body composition measures) what does the Skinfold assessment measure?
    Thickness of skin and underlying subcutaneous fat
  12. Body composition measures) what does underwater weighing measure? And how?
    • The density of a person.
    • *the heavier the underwater weight, the greater the fat free mass
  13. Body composition measures) What does the bioelectrical impedance analysis measure?
    Measures resistance to flow of electrical current through body
  14. Body composition measures) which measurement is considered the standard?
    Underwater weighing
  15. Body composition measures) Air displacement plethysmography (BODPOD)- what does it measure?
    • Measures body volume like UWW
    • *air is displaced rather than water for UWW
  16. Body composition measures) Does the BODPOD have similar or greater accuracy than the UWW
  17. Body composition measures) what does the dual x-rays absorptiometry measure?
    Measures bone mineral density
  18. 3 goals athletes should have
    -increasing LBM

    -losing body fat

    -maintaining current weight as physical training continues
  19. What 3 things can fat mass do to physical performance?
    -may add non-force producing mass to the body

    -may increase metabolic cost

    -associated with reduced aerobic capacity and endurance performance
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