Auswahl der gebräuchlichsten Verben mit Präpositionen

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  1. nachdenken
    über+A To think over, mull
  2. sich rächen
    • an+D To take revenge against (person)
    • für+A To avenge, take revenge for (a misdeed)
  3. (jemanden) raten
    zu+D To advise something

    Ich rate dich Vorsicht. (I advise you to be careful; I advise caution)
  4. rechnen
    • auf+A To count on someone (person)
    • mit+D To expect, figure on, count on, bank on
  5. schreiben
    • an+A to write to (a person)
    • an+D to work on an unfinished piece of writing (novel, dissertation, etc.
    • über+A to write about (a subject)
  6. sich/jemanden schützen
    vor+D protect, shield against
  7. sich sehnen
    nach+D to yearn, long, pine for
  8. sorgen
    für+A to provide for, to look after (someone or something)
  9. sich sorgen
    um+A  to tend to, care for
  10. sprechen
    • mit+D to speak with someone
    • über+A to talk about something
  11. staunen
    über+A to marvel at, be astonished by
  12. sterben
    • an+D to die from (disease, cause)
    • für+A to die for (idea, conviction)
  13. sich streiten
    • mit+D to fight with (someone)
    • um+A to fight over (something)
  14. teilnehmen
    an+D to take part in, to participate in
  15. etwas zu tun haben
    mit+D to have to do with
  16. sich unterhalten
    • mit+D to chat with (person)
    • über+A to chat about (subject)
  17. sich verlassen
    auf+A to count on, to trust, to depend on (someone or something)
  18. sich verlieben
    in+A to fall in love with
  19. sich vertiefen
    in+A to lose oneself in, to delve into, become engrossed in (e.g. a book)
  20. vertrauen
    auf+A to trust in, to bank on, to rely on (somebody/something)
  21. verzichten
    auf+A to forgo, to deny oneself, to abstain from
  22. sich/jemanden vorbereiten
    auf+A to prepare (oneself or someone else) for something
  23. jemanden warnen
    vor+D to warn someone about
  24. warten
    auf+A to wait for
  25. sich wundern
    über+A to be surprised by
  26. zweifeln
    an+D to be doubtful of
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