Renewable Resources

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  1. About ___ % of the commercial energy we use comes from nonrenewable resources. The rest are renewable.
  2. Renewable sources include
    solar, moving water, wind, geothermal, & biomass
  3. Solar energy indirectly supports
    wind power, hydropower, and biomass.
  4. photovoltaic cells (PV)
    convert sunlight directly to electricity
  5. solar thermal systems
    sun's energy is used to heat bodies of water enough to produce steam that can be used to make electricity
  6. active solar heating
    the sun's energy is used to heat water or air which is the circulated
  7. passive solar heating
    the sun's energy is used directly to heat interior spaces
  8. Solar energy
    -Types of energy
    - Benefits and costs
    Radiant/heat to electrical, heat, or mechanical

    Benefits: pollution free, unlimited source

    Costs: Not useful when cloudy/night, need better technology before it's efficient
  9. Wind energy
    -Types of energy
    -Benefits and costs
    Kinetic to electrical

    Benefits: pollution free, source is free

    Costs: can only be used in places with lots of wind
  10. World's most promising energy resource and why:
    Wind power. Abundant, inexhaustible, widely distributed, cheap, clean, and emits no greenhouse gas
  11. Biomass
    -Types of energy
    -Benefits and costs
    Chemical to electrical or heat

    Benefits: Cheap, less toxic pollutants, using wastes effectively

    Costs: We don't have the technology, not useful in every location, some pollution occurs
  12. What is biomass good for?
    Can be burned to provide heat or electricity or converted into gaseous or liquid biofuels
  13. Water energy
    -Types of energy
    -Benefits and costs
    Kinetic to electrical or heat

    Benefits: we have the technology, pollution free, world's largest source of electrical power

    Costs: Environmental costs when building dams, river aren't everywhere
  14. Geothermal 
    -Types of energy
    -Benefits and costs
    Thermal to electrical and heat

    • Benefits: pollution free
    • ¬†
    • Costs: not available everywhere, we don't have all the technology needed
  15. What is the only resource that doesn't come from the sun?
    Geothermal energy
  16. Alternative renewable energy resources & fuels
    Tidal power, wave power

    fuels: Hydrogen and biofuel
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