MGMT 340 EX1 CH1

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  1. What is Evidence Based Management?
    Translating evidence into good practice inmanaging people within the organizationLook for and discover cause and effectrelationships(like give pizza party to Claudia and she applies more checks)
  2. Which disciplines contribute to the study of Organizational Behavior?
    • psychology, philosophy, political science, anthropology, communication, economics, sociology
  3. What are the three different units or levels of analysis used in OB?
    • IGO
    • Individual 
    • Group
    • Organizational
  4. What is a model?
    • Model is an abstract thing like give
    • a dr. a cookie they will make better decisions.
  5. Model - How is it applied in OB?
    Turnover, absenteeism and producivity
  6. Model - What are the inputs, processes and outcomes?
    • I - diverse, personality, value (Variables that leads to processes) 
    • P - emotions, moods, motivation, perception, decision making (Actions as a result of inputs)
    • O - attitudes, stress, performance (key factors)
  7. What is OCB (organizational citizenship behavior)?
    Being a good neighbor
  8. What is withdrawal behavior?
    set of actions that employees taketo separate themselves from the organization
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