Irish 2

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  1. How are you?
    Conas atá tú?

    Or informally:

    Conas atá?
  2. I'm fine.
    Táim go breá.
  3. Thank you.
    Go raibh maith agat.
  4. What about yourself?
    Céard fútsa?
  5. I'm busy
    Táim gnóthach.
  6. Take care.
    Tabhair aire.
  7. Goodbye.
  8. Goodbye for now.
    Slán tamall.
  9. That is a nice name.
    Is ainm deas é sin.
  10. Are you?
    An bhfuil tú?
  11. Are you well?
    An bhfuil tú go maith?
  12. It is/yes.
  13. It isn't/no
    Ní hea.
  14. Certainly
  15. Good on you!
    Maith thú!
  16. Good on yiz!
    Maith sibh!
  17. Cool!
  18. I am / I'm

    I am!!!
    Tá mé / Táim

    Tá mise!!!
  19. You are

    YOU are!!!
    Tá tú

    Tá túsa!!!
  20. He is/It is

    HE is!!!
    Tá sé

    Tá seisean!!!
  21. She is/it is (f)

    SHE is!!!
    Tá sí

    Tá sise!!!
  22. We are/we're

    WE are!!!
    Tá muid/Táimid

    Tá muidne!!!
  23. You (pl.) are

    YOU are!!!
    Tá sibh

    Tá sibhse!
  24. They are

    THEY are!!!
    Tá siad

    Tá siadsan!
  25. I'm good.
    Tá mé go maith.
  26. He's busy.
    Tá sé gnóthach.
  27. Is she well?
    An bhfuil sí go maith?
  28. They're fine.
    Tá siad go breá.
  29. Are they busy?

    They're not.
    An bhfuil siad gnóthach?

    Níl siad.

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