Allergy, Ophthalmic

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  1. Ketotifen
    • Alaway
    • Clarith Eye
    • Refresh Eye Itch Relief
    • Zaditor
    • Zyrtec Itchy Eye Drops
  2. Alaway
    Ketotifen: seletively inhibits histamine H1 receptors, stabilizes mast cell
  3. Naphcon A
    • Pheniramine/naphazoline
    • Phenirmaine-antihistamine: antagonizes histamine H1 receptors, reducing ocular pruritus and congestion
    • Naphazoline-sympathomimetic: reducing ocular congestion and redness
  4. Olopatadine
    • Pataday or Patanol: selectively antagonizes histamine H1 and inhibits histamine release from mast cells
    • Patanol-0.1%, twice daily
    • Pataday-0.2%, once daily
  5. 2nd Generation H2 antagonist topical
    • Azelastine (Optivar)
    • Levocabastine
    • Olopatadine (Pataday or Patanol)
  6. Optivar azelastine ophthalmic
    Selectively antagonizes histamine H1 receptors; inhibits histamine release from mast cells
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