F/A-18 Fuel System

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  1. External transfer Caution comes on under what conditions?
    Fuel in a selected external tank did not transfer or there's fuel remaining in an external tank with a FUEL LO or BINGO caution
  2. Which transfer tank failure is least serious?
    Tank 1
  3. From which tanks do engines draw their fuel
    2 and 3
  4. Motive flow fuel pressure is produced by what?
    AMAD driven mechanical pumps
  5. T/F:  Pumps in the Engine Feed Tanks transfer fuel by using motive flow fuel to turn a rotor, which turns an impeller with forces the fuel out of the tank
  6. T/F:  Placing an external tank switch in STOP will prevent the fuel in that tank from being dumped
  7. Approximately how much fuel is in each external tank?
    2200 lbs
  8. T/F:  A L or R Boost Lo Caution, low feed tank fuel quantity, or abnormal engine instrument indications may provide some indication of the source of a fuselage fuel leak?
  9. T/F:  By manually holding the dump switch in ON, it is possible to dump all internal as well as external fuel?
  10. T/F:  The refueling probe cannot be retracted following a HYD 2A system failure?
  11. What does the INTR wing switch do with respect to the fuel recirculation system?
    It controls the diverter valve which routes fuel to either the internal wing tanks or tanks 2 and 3
  12. Why are the internal tanks pressurized?
    To prevent boil off at high altitude
  13. T/F:  Afterburners may not function at high altitude with a boost pump failure?
  14. T/F:  In the F/A-18 C/D, the wings normally transfer their fuel to tanks 2 and 3?
  15. What is the approximate fuel dump rate?
    600-1000 lbs/min
  16. T/F:  Fuel trapped in an external tank by a failure of the normal transfer system can be transferred out by gravity?
  17. T/F:  In the F/A-18 C/D, BINGO fuel is set by using UP/DOWN arrow pushbuttons on the IFEI?
  18. Into which tank or tanks does wing fuel transfer by gravity?
  19. T/F:  In the F/A-18 C/D, a fuel quantity advisory will appear as a result of any tank quantity being invalid?
  20. T/F:  In an F/A-18 C/D, a satisfactory fuel low level warning system BIT check will generate a BINGO caution?
  21. T/F:  During gravity transfer, a nose down attitude may be required to transfer all of tank 4 into 3?
  22. Transfer failures and CG sequencing malfunctions are indicated by the appearance of which of the following cautions?
    FUEL LO and CG
  23. Fuel Low voice sounds anytime fuel in either feed tank drops below:
    800 +/- 100 lbs
  24. What is the purpose of the fuel recirculation system?
    Cool AMAD oil and HYD system fluid
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