F/A-18 ECS

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  1. The Pre-lot XIII oxygen quantity gauge is located on?
    FWD and AFT cockpit pilot services panels
  2. T/F:  One of the things that can be done to counter an AV AIR HOT caution on deck is to advance throttles?
  3. If smoke or fumes are observed coming from the cockpit air conditioning ducts, the cabin pressure switch should be placed in the ____ position
  4. T/F:  Changes in throttle position or outside air temperature won't effect cockpit temperature int he MAN cockpit temp control mode?
  5. The Oxygen monitor (CRU-99/A), with its OBOGS pneumatic BIT plunger and electronic BIT pushbutton is located on the____
    FWD cockpit L AFT bulkhead
  6. The stabilization of oxygen temperature and dampening of pressure fluctuation is a function of:
    OBOGS oxygen plenum
  7. The steps required FCS HOT caution are:
    • Airspeed- SUBSONIC
    • AV/FCS cool switch- EMERGENCY
  8. The OBOGS concentrator unit removes nitrogen from:
    Air provided by the ECS
  9. If the refrigeration unit output is insufficient to meet avionics cooling demands, the system automatically supplements the refrigeration with ___
    Ambient air
  10. T/F:  A leak in the Bleed Air duct in the L ENG bay would be displayed in the cockpit by the illumination of the L BLEED warning light?
  11. T/F:  Turning the OXY Flow knob control to ON and checking oxygen flow is a pre-flight check for Pre-lot XIII?
  12. An automatic radar overheat shutdown can be overridden by selecting EMERGENCY on the radar function switch within___
    30 sec
  13. T/F:  Once extended, FCS emergency RAM air scoop cannot be retracted inflight?
  14. Bleed air utilized for cockpit air conditioning and pressurization is tapped off the engine at____
    7th compressor stage
  15. T/F:  the windshield is protected from overheat damage by a temperature sensor which automatically shuts off bleed air flow to the anit-ice and rain removal nozzles?
  16. The OBOGS concentrator unit receives its power from the ____
    OBOGS control switch in the FWD cockpit
  17. External tanks can be pressurized on deck by:
    Placing EXT tank switch in override
  18. Placing AV/FCS cools switch in the Emergency position does:
    admits outside ambient air to flight controls computer A, and the Right Transformer-Rectifier
  19. Placing the ECS mode switch in OFF/RAM position shuts off:
    Refrigerated air flow, deploys the cockpit RAM air scoop
  20. T/F:  Inflight, avionics cooling fan is augmented by ram air in the event refrigerated airflow is reduced or lost?
  21. What should you do if a GUN GAS caution comes up on a DDI?
    Dont fire the gun
  22. T/F:  OBOGS Emergency oxygen supply can be activated and deactivated by the crewmember?
  23. With the cabin pressurization switch in NORM, the cockpit is unpressurized below____
  24. If the AV AIR HOT caution remains on for greater than 1 minute, your throttle is above idle, altitude between 20k-25k, airspeed between 300-325, you should
    Move Cabin Temp know to FULL COLD, move ECS mode switch to OFF/RAM, and move AV cool switch to EMERGENCY
  25. When all steps fail to counter cockpit overtemp condition, the bleed air knob should be placed___
  26. T/F:  An FCS HOT caution on deck can be disregarded since the caution will go out airborne?
  27. T/F:  The OBOGS plenums are located on the L AFT bulkheads in the FWD and AFT cockpits?
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