Unit III - Cranial Bone Markings

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  1. frontal bone marking:

    supraorbital notch or foramen: notch or small hole located along the superior margin of the orbit
  2. frontal bone marking:

    frontal sinus: two large cavities located superior and medial to the orbits.
  3. temporal bone marking:

    zygomatic process: anterior extension of bone, forms the posterior portion of the zygomatic arch
  4. temporal bone marking:

    styloid process: projection from the inferior surface of the temporal bone
  5. temporal bone marking:

    carotid canal: medial and anterior to styloid process
  6. temporal bone marking:

    mandibular fossa: depression below the zygomatic process; where the mandible articulates
  7. temporal bone marking:

    external acoustic (meatus) canal: opening along the external surface of the bone that is the passageway to the eardrum
  8. temporal bone marking:

    internal acoustic (meatus) canal: opening along the internal surface of the bone for auditory nerves
  9. temporal bone marking:

    mastoid process: large protrusion posterior and lateral to styloid process
  10. temporal bone marking:

    stylomastoid foramen: small hole between mastoid process and styloid process
  11. occipital bone marking:

    foramen magnum: large opening at the base of the skull
  12. occipital bone marking:

    occipital condyles: prominent, rounded elevations located to the sides of the foramen magnum
  13. occipital bone marking:

    hypoglossal canal: hole located in basilar part of bone superior to occipital condyle
  14. occipital bone marking:

    jugular foramen: large, irregular opening along junction of occipital and temporal bone
  15. occipital bone marking:

    external occipital protuberance: elevation on bottom center
  16. sphenoid bone marking:

    greater wings: prominent wing-like lateral extension from the body of the sphenoid bone
  17. sphenoid bone marking:

    lesser wings: small lateral extension from the body
  18. sphenoid bone marking:

    sella turcica: depression that houses the pituitary gland
  19. sphenoid bone marking:

    pterygoid processes (lateral and medial pterygoid plates)
  20. sphenoid bone marking:

    optic canal: opening along junctions of lesser wing and body, passageway for optic nerve
  21. sphenoid bone marking:

    superior orbital fissure: elongated, narrow opening that runs diagonally along the back of the orbit, between lesser and greater wings.
  22. sphenoid bone marking:

    foramen ovale: oval hole in the greater wing (great landmark for locating other markings)
  23. sphenoid bone marking:

    foramen spinosum
  24. sphenoid bone marking:

    foramen lacerum
  25. sphenoid bone marking

    foramen rotundum
  26. sphenoid bone marking:

    sphenoid sinus
  27. ethmoid bone marking:

    perpendicular plate: thin vertical plate that extends down into nasal cavity
  28. ethmoid bone marking:

    cribiform plate: horizontal plate in cranial floor and roof of nasal cavity that articulates with the frontal bone
  29. ethmoid bone marking:

    crista galli: thin vertical plate that extends up from the cribiform plate
  30. ethmoid bone marking:

    middle nasal conchae: thin plate that extends down in the nasal cavity, lateral to perpendicular plate
  31. ethmoid bone marking:

    ethmoidal sinuses: a collection of small cavities located between the orbits in the lateral masses of the ethmoid bone.

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