Slope Slope Intercept Point Slope

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  1. Slope Intercept Form:
    y = mx + b

    • m is slope
    • b is "y intercept"
  2. Point Slope Formula:
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  3. Slope Formula:
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  4. When x=7 and nothing is given for y, how do you graph the line?
    Plot at (7,0)(x-intercept) and draw a vertical line since y is not defined.
  5. When only one pair of points are given, how do you determine the slope?
    rise over run. just put y above x.
  6. When you have a slope of -12.50 over 10, what would you simply this to?
  7. A slope parallel to 0 is _____, while a slope perpendicular to 0 is _____.
    • 0 and horizontal
    • undefined

    Since a slope perpendicular to zero (a horizontal line) would be a vertical line. Which is undefined.
  8. Standard Form of an Equation
    Ax + By = C

    (Where A and B are not both zero)
  9. What are the x and y intercepts for:
    -4x = 6y
    (0,0) and (0,0)

    This because you're inserting 0 on each side.
  10. What is the slope and y intercept of:

    y = -8
    • m = 0 
    • y intercept = (0, -8)

    y=k; horizontal, no slope, x is zero when not given.
  11. How is "y=x" a positive slope?
    Because for every "y", the "x" matches. And when you use y = mx + b the slope is 1. So you can go "rise" and "run" by 1 or -1. You will get a 45 degree angle from left to right with the y intercept at 0.
  12. Figure out the y intercept and slope for:

    y = -2x
    Slope would be -2 and the y intercept is (0,0)
  13. Figure out the y intercept and slope for:

    y = -2
    Slope is zero. Y intercept is (0,-2)

    y = k is also applied here. Which equals a horizontal line. And they have no slope.
  14. What's the difference between these equations:

    y = -2x
    y = -2
    • When it's just y = -2, you know that x = zero so it's just a horizontal line. Which has no slope. The y intercept is (0, -2). No need to figure it out. It's given.
    • When it's y = -2x, the slope is given as -2. The y intercept is (0,0) because it can be written in slope intercept form as y = -2x + 0
  15. Formula for a horizontal line:
    y = k

    where k is a constant

    because this includes all of the "x" numbers.
  16. Formula for a vertical line:
    x = k

    where k is a constant

    (because this includes all of the "y" numbers)
  17. x = k is a ___________ line.
  18. y = k is a ___________ line.
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