LOM Mid-Term 1-4 Prep

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  1. Urethra
    The tube leading from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body
  2. Ureter
    One of two tubes each leading from a single kidney and inserting into the urinary bladder
  3. Cephalgia
  4. Ophthalmologist
    Eye doctor
  5. Hemat
  6. Gastritis
    Inflammation of the stomach
  7. Gastroenterology
    Process of study of the stomach and intestines
  8. Hypogastric
    Pertaining to below the stomach
  9. Epigastric
    Pertaining to above the stomach
  10. Adenoma
    Tumor of a gland
  11. Adenitis
    Inflammation of the gland
  12. Arthritis
    Inflammation of the joint
  13. BiologyBiology
    Study of life
  14. Carcinoma
    cancerous tumor
  15. Biopsy
    living tissue is removed from the body and viewed under a microscope
  16. Cephalic
    Pertaining to the head
  17. Resection
    A cutting back in a sense of cutting out or removal (excision)
  18. Thrombocyte
    Aka palates, thdell cells help clot blood.
  19. Thrombosis 
    Condition of clot formation
  20. Urologist
    Surgeon who operates on the organs of the urinary tract and the organs of the male reproductive system
  21. Cardiac
    Pertaining to the heart
  22. Neural
    Pertaining to the nerve
  23. Arthralgia
    Joint pain
  24. Erythrocyte
    Red blood cell
  25. Leukemia 
    Blood condition of white (blood cells). Condition of blood in which cancerous white blood cells proliferate
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