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  1. fix new piece of equipment in the correct place
    put sth in / put in sth
  2. "make a device work by pressing a switch; play video / audio / slide show (especially from CD) -- ¯®áâ ¢¨âì (?); clothe oneself with sth"
    put sth on / put on sth
  3. make a device stop working (turn it off)
    put sth out / put out sth
  4. "build a structure; open sth rolled or folded up so that it is ready to use; stick sth on a piece of paper to a wall to convey some information"
    put sth up / put up sth
  5. postpone, decide or arrange sth at a later time / tell sm you'll meet them or do something for them later
    put sth off (until) / put sb off
  6. change the date or time of an event so it happens later then planned
    put sth back
  7. make a watch or clock show an earlier time
    put (watch or clock) forward / back
  8. make a watch or clock show a later time
    put (watch or clock) ahead
  9. to be annoyed by sth done or said to you
    to be put out
  10. accept sth/someone's behaviour even if you don't like it
    put up with sth/sm
  11. tell smth helpful
    put sb on/onto sth/sb
  12. "destroy; roll or fold something to move it; land (about a plane)"
    put down
  13. to state so as to be understood clearly or accepted readily
    put sth across
  14. extinguish a fire or make a stop smoking a cigarette
    put out (a cigarette or a fire)
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