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  1. What is process design and what is the relation between product and process design?
    To design is to conceive the looks, arrangement and workings of something before it is created. One often design the products/services and processes separately, but they are interrelated.
  2. On what 5 basis should a process design be judged?
    • Quality
    • Speed
    • Dependability
    • Flexibility
    • Cost performance
  3. What are some aspects that a company must take into account when thinking about the environment?
    • The sources of input (child labour)
    • Quantities and sources of energy
    • Amount and type of waste material
    • The life of the product itself
    • The end-of-life for the product.

    Can be done with life-cycle analysis.
  4. Process types, page 102. Describes from projects to process industry. Check it out. Resembles compendia.
  5. What is through-put time?
    It's the elapsed time between an item entering the process and leaving it.
  6. What is cycle-time
    The average time it takes between items being processed.
  7. What is work-in-progress
    The number of items within the process at any point of time.
  8. What is Little's law?
    Throughput-time = Work-in-progress x Cycle time.
  9. Throughput efficiency, is what? What formula?
    It's (work content)/(throughput time) x 100.

    Check p.116 for worked example.
  10. Value-added throughput efficiency, is what?
    Value added work content / Throughput time.
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