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  1. make a place or a room tidy by putting things in the correct place
    clear up / tidy up
  2. remove rubbish or dirt, esp. from the floor, using a brush (or a sweeper :))
    sweep up
  3. mixed together in an untidy way
    jumbled up
  4. hand clothes etc. on a hook
    hang up
  5. to be blocked by something like, for example, rubbish or hair not permitting water going out of a baisin or sink
    clogged up
  6. "use all the supply; to run out of something"
    use up
  7. finish some product completely
    eat up / drink up / use up
  8. "two verbs meaning ""arrive""; the latter means arriving at a place where someone expects you to come";
    turn up / show up
  9. start a new business;
    open up
  10. make something more interesting or exciting
    live up
  11. (verb/noun) to arrange something / a way that something is arranged;
    set up
  12. separate into smaller parts or groups;
    divide up
  13. cut (e.g. a cucumber) something into smaller pieces;
    chop up
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