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  1. post
    send off
  2. find
    come across
  3. arrive
    turn up
  4. write
    take down
  5. invite home
    ask around
  6. not work properly
    play up
  7. stop working
    break down
  8. mention
    bring up
  9. deal with
    sort out
  10. cause inconvenience
    mess about
  11. postpone
    put off
  12. cancel
    call off
  13. recover from
    get over
  14. continue
    keep on
  15. give a lift
    pick (subject) up
  16. switch off
    turn off
  17. issue
    put out
  18. decline
    go down
  19. escape; leave a place or person (esp. when it is difficult)
    get away
  20. organise
    see to
  21. block someone's way
    cut off
  22. 1) believe; 2)fall in love with
    fall for
  23. 1) understand; kiss, 2) touch in a sexual way
    make out
  24. pursue
    chase up
  25. omit
    leave out
  26. ignore
    brush aside
  27. oppose, defy
    go against
  28. experience
    go through
  29. remove a part of sth;stop working
    cut out
  30. go somewhere together
    invite someone out
  31. invite to come in
    invite someone in
  32. invite to come to one's place
    invite someone over
  33. invite to come
    invite me round
  34. invite to come upstairs to one's place
    invite someone up
  35. invite to come with somebody
    invite someone along
  36. come back home with someone
    invite someone back
  37. have an arrangement to do something
    have sth on
  38. to persuade someone that something is true when it is not (usually as a joke)
    have sb on
  39. to wear something (never in continuous; never passive)
    have on sth (have sth on)
  40. preparation for physical (or relatively hard mental) activity
    warm-up <--- warm up
  41. a place where sb can hide from other people
    hideout <--- hide out
  42. 1) the value of the goods and services that a company sells in a particular period of time 2) the rate at which people leave a place and new people arrive 3) a sweet pie filled with fruit
    turnover <--- turn over
  43. 1) an accident with several vehicles 2) a situation when there are a lot of difficult things to deal with at once
    pile-up <--- pile up
  44. a reduction of something such as money available to spend
    cutback <--- cut back
  45. an angry reaction or protest by a lot of people against sb/sth
    outcry <--- cry out
  46. sb who is in a particular place by chance when an accident or unusual event happens but who is not directly connected with it
    bystander <--- stand by
  47. 1) a discovery/achievemnt that comes after long and hard work 2) success at sth
    breakthrough <- break through
  48. разовый, одноразовый, расточительный
    throwaway <-- throw away
  49. disgusting, unpleasant
    off-putting <-- put off
  50. 1) escape 2) short holiday 3) a place away from home where you can relax
    getaway <-- get away
  51. 1) sb who is friendly and enjoys the company of other people 2) soon to leave a position of authority (power) 3) sb who is going out of a place :)
    outgoing <-- go out
  52. happening or existing in the past
    bygone <-- go by
  53. спад, регресс, снижение
    downturn <-- turn down
  54. enter / continue doing / (with) be good friends (with)
    get on
  55. inflate / make explode (go off :)) / become angry
    blow up
  56. make a mistake
    slip up
  57. make smaller / allow in through a hole / deceive / give a bed to / include / understand the meaning or importance
    take in
  58. наступить (в лужу) / вмешаться (в чужую ссору)
    step in
  59. отключить(ся) в обоих смыслах
    switch off
  60. выпасть / бросить (учёбу)
    drop out
  61. привязывать (опять же, в обоих смыслах)
    tie down
  62. клонить к чему-то (вести разговор)
    drive at
  63. вдалбливать (знания)
    drum into
  64. снимать сливки (в обоих смыслах), т.е. отбирать (лучших)
    cream off
  65. заглушить
    drown out
  66. stop
    let up
  67. have to deal with
    come up against
  68. to be influenced by sth, depend on sth
    come down to (doing sth)
  69. make (a decision)
    come to (a decision)
  70. arrive at a place
    come along
  71. separate into pieces
    come apart
  72. become conscious again
    come (a)round
  73. 1) вывестись (о пятне), 2) раскрыться (о тайне), 3) быть представленным, выпущенным (о книгах, законах), 4) выписаться (из больницы)
    come out
  74. happen
    come about
  75. be mentioned, happed unexpectedly, become available
    come up
  76. meet to have a good time
    get together (with)
  77. like each other and be friendly; continue doing something, especially work
    get on (with)
  78. (e.g. work or payments) do not enough
    get behind (with)
  79. do and complete something difficult or unpleasant
    get sth over with
  80. be very surprised that something happened or turned out to be true
    can't / couldn't get over
  81. succeed in not being critisized or punished for something wrong OR succeed in doing something even having chosen not the best way
    get away with something / doing something
  82. have just enough money to live, nothing more
    get by
  83. find a way of dealing with or avoiding the problem
    get around / round
  84. what do you mean?
    what are you getting at?
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