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  1. mechanics
    the study of the action of forces on particles and mechanical systems
  2. system
    an object or group of interacting objects
  3. biomechanics
    application of principles of mechanics to the study of living organisms
  4. kinematics
    • the description of motion: patterns, speeds, and sequencing of movement in respect to time
    • --the forces causing the motion are not considered
    • -- position, velocity, acceleration
  5. kinetics
    • study of the relationship between the forces acting on a system and the motion of the system
    • -- gravity, friction, torque
  6. statics
    • branch of mechanics dealing with systems in a constant state of motion
    • -- at rest or a constant direction and speed
  7. dynamics
    • branch of mechanics dealing with systems where acceleration is present
    • -- speed and direction is not constant
  8. scalar quantities
    • properties with just magnitude
    • --mass, distance
  9. vector
    • have magnitude and direction
    • --displacement (distance and direction)
    • --Force (angle and magnitude)
  10. composition
    adding vectors together

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Intro Part 1
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