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  1. "Door", "gate"; a prophet who was the forerunner of Baha'u'llah, the founder of Baha'i.
    Bab (bahb)
  2. A modern monotheistic religion that grew out of Islam and emphasizes unity and equality of individuals, cultures, and religions; a follower of the Baha'i religion.
  3. "Glory of Allah" the founder of Baha'i.
  4. "Nonharm," "nonviolence"
  5. A spiritual community
  6. An earthly embodiment of a deity.
  7. A religious literary work about Krishna
    Bhagavad Gita
  8. Devotion to a deity or guru.
  9. God of creation.
  10. The spiritual essence of the universe.
  11. Member of the priestly caste.
  13. A spiritual teacher
  14. The spiritual discipline of postures and bodily exercises.
    hatha yoga
  15. The spiritual discipline of knowledge and insight
    jnana yoga
  16. The moral law of cause and effect that determines the direction of rebirth.
  17. A short sacred phrase, often chanted or used in meditation
  18. "Liberation" from personal limitation, egotism, and rebirth.
  19. Offerings and ritual in honor of a deity.
  20. The "royal" discipline of meditation.
    raja yoga
  21. The everyday world of change and suffering leading to rebirth.
  22. A god associated with destruction and rebirth.
  23. Written meditations on the spiritual essence of the universe and the self.
  24. Four collections of ancient prayers and rituals.
  25. A god associated with preservation and love.
  26. A spiritual discipline; a method for perfecting one's union with the divine.
  27. Matter without soul of life.
  28. "Original collection"; the primary scripture of the Sikhs.
    Adi Granth
  29. "Conqueror"; the Jain term for a perfected person who will not be reborn.
  30. Spirit, soul, which enlivens matter.
  31. "Holy death"; death by self-starvation, valued in Jainism as a noble end to a long life of virtue and detachment.
  32. "Crossing maker"; in Jainism, one of the twenty-four ideal human beings of the past, Mahavira being the most recent.
  33. A poem by Guru Nanak that begins the Adi Granth; the poem is recited daily by pious Sikhs.
  34. "Discipline"  a follower of the Sikh religion.
  35. The mysterious origin of the universe, which is present and visible in everything.
    Dao / Tao
  36. The legendary founder of Daoism.
    Lao Tzu (Laozi)
  37. The life force
  38. "No action," "no strain" "effortlessness"; doing only what comes spontaneously and naturally.
    wu wei
  39. The active aspect of reality that expresses itself in speech, light, and heat.
  40. The respective aspect of the universe that expresses itself in silence, darkness, coolness, and rest.
  41. The classic scripture of Daoism.
  42. Vedas
    • 1. "Knowledge" or "sacred lore"
    • 2. sanskrit
    • 3. Ancient scriptures.
    • 4. Written down 1500 BCE, but believed to be much older
    • 5. Four part
  43. Hinduism's ultimate goal.
    • Uncover the "diamond"
    • Spark of the divine in each person
    • Multiple life cycle in order to uncover your diamond through good karma.
    • Reconnect with ultimate reality.
  44. Diwali
    • Festival of lights.
    • Victory of light over darkness
  45. Basic beliefs of Jainism
    • Universe is eternal
    • - No beginning or end
    • Everything (rocks, animals, plants, human) can suffer.
    • Karma and reincarnation
    • Dualism : Material / physical world (ajiva) vs. spiritual (jiva).
    • With discipline humans can break free of the bondage of material world and liberate the spirit. - Insight, kindness, austerity
  46. Jain Ethics
    • - nonviolence
    • - nonlying 
    • - nonstealing
    • - nonsex (chastity)
    • - nonattachtment : to home, family, clothes, money, possessions.
  47. Jain temples
    • - plain on outside but elaborately decorated inside.
    • -- reflect focus on inner, spirit world
  48. Sikhism key points
    • Strictly monotheistic
    • Reject empty ritual
    • No idol worship
    • Following teaching of 10 gurus.
    • Include military order / violence when necessary.
  49. Who was the Bab?
    • Title meaning “Gate”.
    • Born in Shiraz, Persia.
    • Descendent of Abraham through Hagar.
    • Descendent of the Prophet Muhammad.
  50. Who was Baha'u'llah?
  51. What is the main message of the Baha'i faith?
    The central purpose of the Baha'i faith is to unify the human race based on the teachings of Baha'u'llah.
  52. What is a Manifestation?
    Pre-existent realities.

    Came from the spiritual realms beyond this world.

    Were called by God.

    Are the intermediary between God and His creation.

    Are spiritual kings.

    Are divine physicians sent to heal the maladies affecting humanity.

    Represent the presence of God on earth
  53. Why is 1844 known as The Great Disappointment?
    In regard to the end times predictions that did not take place.
  54. Why was the Bab arrested? What happened to him?
    • The government, at the urging of the clergy, put him on trial for heresy and apostasy. Was found guilty and executed by a firing squad in
    • 1850.
  55. Why did Baha'u'llah write to world political and religious leaders after 1863?
    Publicly proclaimed his station as the Promised One of all world religions and the Manifestion of God for this era in 1863.
  56. What is progressive revelation?
    God has continually and progressively revealed his knowledge to humanity through these individuals known as Manifestations
  57. What do Baha'is believe about other world religions?
    Other religions had manifestations before Bahulllah
  58. Why is 9 a sacred number?
    The 9 Manifestations of God.
  59. What is a House of Worship?
    • Each reflects a particular theme.
    • Each has nine sides and a central dome.
    • Dedicated To:
    • 1. the unity of God
    • 2. the unity of religion
    • 3. the unity of humanity

    The goal - to be a spiritual beacon to a world that all to often continues to live in darkness
  60. What is The Fast?
    A fast that is considered a time for deep reflection on the state of one's own spiritual development
  61. What do Baha'is believe about prayer, the soul, free will and evolution?
    Prayer and meditation are primary tools for spiritual development
  62. Why did Tim convert? What does Baha'i "do" for him in his daily life?
    Found a cause, fit right with him and connected spiritually.
  63. Who was Baha'u'llah?
    Followed Bab, manifestation taught teachings as well
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