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  1. What benefits can be seen after removing work-related stress?
    • Staff feel happier at work
    • Introducing improvements is easier when stress i managed effectively
    • Employment relations - conflicts are easier solved.
    • Attendance levels increase and sickness absence reduces.
  2. How can organisations be described? :)
    As machines - the resources are seen as components

    • As organisms
    • As brains
    • As cultures
    • As political systems.
  3. There are three approaches to what dimension should be used when planning an organisation blablalba. Which three?
    Group resources together:

    according to their functional purpose - sales etc

    by the characteristics of the resources themselves - chilled food, frozen food etc

    by the arkets which the resources are intended to serve, example locations or per country.
  4. How are the following clustering their resources?:

    The U-organization
    The M-organization
    The N-organisation.
    • The U-organization - primarily based on function with pyramid design
    • M - People grouped according to location or something. Better with large firms
    • Matrix - combining M and U. See fig p.259
    • N - N stands for network. Resources are clustered into groups, but with more delegation of responsibility.
  5. State the advantages of division of labour.
    It promotes faster learning, because the tasks are less complicated.

    Automation becomes easier

    Reduced non-productive labour. This is the most important.
  6. State the drawbacks to highly divided jobs.
    • Monotony - it simply sucks
    • Physical injury
    • Low flexibility - Makes the design rigid. 
    • Poor robustness - If some part faults, the whole operation might suffer.
  7. What is ergonomics dealing with?
    You can either fit the people for the job or fit the job for the people. Ergo is for the former.
  8. There are different types of flexible working. Which are these?
    Skills flexibility

    Time flexibility

    Location flexibility
  9. Name a few techniques of work time measurement.
    Synthesis from elemental data - is a work measurement techniques

    Predetermined motion-time systems (PMTS) is a work measurement technique whereby times established for basic motions are used to build up the entire work flow.

    Analythical estimating - blalba

    Activity sampling - large number of instantaneous observations are made over a period of time of a group of machines or workers..
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