Cápitulo 10 Verbos

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  1. anunciar
    to announce
  2. aumentar
    to increase
  3. casarse
    to get married
  4. casarse con alguien
    to marry someone
  5. comprometerse
    to get engaged
  6. conseguir (i)
    to achieve
  7. crecer (zc)
    to grow up
  8. darse cuenta de
    to realize
  9. desarrollar
    to develop
  10. descubrir
    to discover
  11. dimitir
    to resign
  12. divorciarse
    to divorce
  13. elegir (i)
    to choose, to elect
  14. enamorarse de
    to fall in love
  15. fundar
    to found
  16. ganar
    to win
  17. interrumpir
    to interrupt
  18. liberar
    to free
  19. llegar
    to arrive
  20. morir (ue)
    to die
  21. nacer (zc)
    to be born
  22. ocurrir
    to happen
  23. partir
    to depart
  24. perder (ie)
    to loose
  25. pertenecer (zc)
    to belong
  26. preocuparse
    to worry
  27. regresar
    to come back
  28. suceder
    to happen, to follow
  29. trasladarse
    to move
  30. unirse a
    to join
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