Paradise Called Texas

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  1. Aft
    adverb  (ch.3. p.14)

    toward the back or rear of ship, in the stern area

    ex. There was a fire at the aft end of the ship.
  2. Aloft
    adverb  (ch.5. p.31)

    at the top

    ex. The luggage was aloft the car.
  3. Berth
    noun  (ch.3. p.18)

    shelf-like sleeping space

    ex. I could not get comfortable sleeping in the berth.
  4. Bill
    noun  (ch.5. p.28)

    the visor part of the hat

    ex. The bill of my favorite hat was torn.
  5. Chamber pot
    noun  (ch.4. p.24)

    a portable container used for a toilet before plumbing was invented.

    ex. The chamber pot had a leak.
  6. Congested
    adjective  (ch.3. p.16)


    ex. The roads were congested with out of town visitors.
  7. Fitfully
    adverb  (ch.3. p.16)


    ex. I did not sleep fitfully last night.
  8. Fond
    adjective (ch.1. p. 3)

    like, favor

    ex. I was fond of my last school and did not want to leave.
  9. Fore
    adverb  (ch.3. p.14)

    toward the front of ship, in the bow area

    ex. The Captain was in the fore of the ship.
  10. Fringe
    adjective  (ch.1. p.2)

    outer edge, border (fridge beard)

    ex. The fringe on the flag was tearing.
  11. Frolic
    verb  (ch.5. p.28)

    to play

    ex. I love to frolic with my dog.
  12. Glistening
    adjective  (ch.5. p.28)


    ex. I could see the glistening bell a mile away.
  13. Grizzled
    adjective  (ch.1. p.2)

    gray or streaked with gray

    ex. The Captain was know for his grizzled beard.
  14. Hesitate
    verb  (ch.2. p.7)

    to pause or play

    ex. I seem to hesitate before I jump into the pool.
  15. Stout
    adjective  (ch.4. p.21)

    fat, plump

    ex. My dog is stout.
  16. Sullen
    adjective  (ch.1. p.2)

    gloomy, somber; ill-humor

    ex. He was sullen after his uncle left.
  17. Taut
    adjective  (ch.1. p.21)

    tight, not slack

    ex. His shoelaces are taut.
  18. Throbbing
    verb  (ch.4. p.26)

    vibrating, pulsing

    ex. My thumb was throbbing after the ball hit it.
  19. Tremor
    noun  (ch.3. p.17)

    a trembling or shaking from weakness, emotional stress or disease

    ex. His tremors are getting better.
  20. Winches
    noun  (ch.4. p.21)

    a handle turned to tighten the sails

    ex. The winches were not working, so we could not pull the anchors up.
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