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  1. Superior
    Towards the head; upper ; above ;
  2. Inferior
    Towards the feet ; lower ; below
  3. Anterior
    Front ; in front of ;
  4. Posterior
    Back ; back of
  5. Medial
    Towards the mid-line of the body
  6. Lateral
    Towards the side of the body or away from its mid line
  7. Promimal
    Toward or nearest to the trunk of the body.
  8. Distal
    Away from or the body surface
  9. Superficial
    nearer the surface
  10. Deep
    Farther away from the surface of the body
  11. somatotype
    to discribe a particular category of body or build, physique
  12. Ectomorph
    thin, fragile, physique characterized by large accumulation
  13. Mesomorph
    Muscular Physique
  14. Endomorph
    heavy rounded physique characterized by large accumulations of fat in the trunk
  15. Set Point - Set Point Range
    A value between 80 and 100 mg of glucose per milliliter of blood, depending on dietary intake and timing of meals.
  16. Identify the 9 regions of the body from Right to Left ( Anatomical position) Left to right on paper
    • 1. Right Hypochondriac Region
    • 2. Epigastric Region
    • 3. Left Hypochondriac Region
    • 4. Right Lumbar Region
    • 5. Umbilical Region
    • 6. Left Lumbar Region
    • 7. Right Illiac Region
    • 8. Hypogastric Region
    • 9. Left Iliac
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