Unit III - Facial Bone Markings

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  1. maxilla bone marking:

    palantine processes: horizontal plate that forms anterior portion of the hard palate
  2. maxilla bone marking:

    incisive foramen: depression along the junction of the maxillae bones, just posterior to the incisors
  3. maxillary bone marking:

    infraorbital foramen: prominent hole located inferior to the orbits
  4. maxillary bone marking:

    inferior orbital fissure: slit-like opening that runs along floor of orbit between maxilla and sphenoid bones
  5. maxillary bone marking:

    maxillary sinus: two large cavities located between the orbits
  6. palatine bone marking:

    greater palatine foramen: largest opening along the posterior part of the horizontal plate
  7. zygomatic bone marking:

    temporal process: projection that articulates with zygomatic process of the temporal bone to form the zygomatic arch
  8. mandible bone marking:

    condylar process: posterior extension of the mandible
  9. mandible bone marking:

    coronoid process: sharply angled anterior extension
  10. mandible bone marking:

    mandibular notch: prominent downward curvature between the condylar and coronoid processes
  11. mental foramen: hole on the anterior aspect
  12. mandibular foramen: opening on the medial surface

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