Chapter 8 Vocab

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  1. those events and issues that concern the people at large
    public affairs
  2. those attitudes held by a significant number of people on matters of government and politics
    public opinion
  3. those means of communication that reach large, widely dispersed audiences simultaneously
    mass media
  4. people with whom one regularly associates (friends, classmates)
    peer groups
  5. any person who has an unusually strong influence on the views of others
    opinion leaders
  6. refers to the instructions or commands a constituency gives to its elected officials
  7. private organizations whose members share certain views and objectives and work to shape the making and the content of public policy
    interest groups
  8. devices that attempt to collect information by asking people questions
    public opinion polls
  9. polls that sought to read the public's minds simply by asking the same question of a large number of people
    straw vote
  10. representative slice of the total universe
  11. pollster interviews a certain number of randomly selected people who live in a certain number of randomly selected places
    random sample
  12. sample deliberately constructed to reflect several of the major characteristics of a given universe
    quota sample
  13. transmits some kind of information
  14. societal problems that the nation's political leaders and general public agree need government attention
    public agenda
  15. snappy reports that can be aired in 30 or 40 seconds or so
    sound bites
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