Graphic Design Shortcuts

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  1. Zoom in
    Cmd, Space Bar
  2. Zoom Out
    Cmd, Option, Space Bar
  3. Center Artboard
    Cmd, Zero
  4. Undo
    Cmd, Z
  5. Redo
    Cmd, Shift, Z
  6. Cut
    Cmd, X
  7. Copy
    Cmd, C 


    Option + Drag
  8. Paste
    Cmd, V
  9. Select All
    Cmd, A
  10. Add to selection
    Shift, Click
  11. Hand Tool
    Space Bar
  12. Group
    Cmd, G
  13. Ungroup
    Cmd, Shift, G
  14. Rulers
    Cmd, R
  15. Lock Guides
    Cmd, Option, ;
  16. Hide Guides
    Cmd, ;
  17. Type Box for Illustrator and InDesign

    Set Tabs
    Cmd, Shift, T
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