NUR1010 Critical Thinking and the nUrsing Process

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  1. What is critical thinking?
    a combination of reasoned thinking, openness to alternatives, an ability to reflect, and a desire to seek the truth

    • flexible
    • nonjudgmental
    • inquisitive
    • honest
    • interesed in seeking truth
  2. when planning nursing care ....
    gather information -> draw tentative (vorlaeufig/vorsichtig) conclusion about the meaning of data->  identify the client's problem ---> then think of several actions to solve/relief the problem
  3. What are skills in critical thinking refer to ?
    to cognitive (intellectual ) processes used in complex thinking orperations such as problem-solving and decision making.
  4. What are chritical thinking attitudes ?
    • feelings and traits of mind
    • attitiude and character determine whether chritical tinking skills are used fairly or with an open mind:

    • independent thinking (do not automatically walk with the crowd)
    • intellectual curiosity (love to learn new things)
    • intellektual humility (aware not to know everything, reevaluate with new data)
    • intellectual empathy (try to see the situation of the other person)
    • intellectual courage (examine own and other's beliefs, even if it is uncomfortable)
    • intellectual perseverance (not just jump to quick and easy conclusions)
    • fair mindedness (examine own biases)
  5. Why is critical thinking important for nurses?
    • - nurses deal with complex situations (e.g.comorbidity)
    • - clients are unique (individual differences, culture, roles, age, personal bias, personality,previous experience)
    • they apply knowledge to provide holistic care (applied discipline, use of knowledge  from other fields, fast paced )
  6. What are the different kinds of nursing knowledge?
    • theoretical (information, facts, evidence based theories)
    • practical (knowing what to do and how)
    • personal (self-understanding, awareness of own beliefs, biases, values...)
    • ethical (obligations, wright or wrong, moral principles for moral decisions)
  7. What is the nursing process?
    • systematic problem-solving process that guides all nursing actions.
    • ANA organizes its standards or care around the nursing process
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