CDO 230 Exam 2 part 2

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  1. Otitis media
    • middle ear infection
    • serous: fluid yet no symptoms of illness
    • acute: usually viral with upper respiratory infection
    • chronic: 3 months
  2. Otosclerosis
    hardening of the middle ear bones or plaque buildup- typical of the stapes
  3. myringotomy
    placement of tubes
  4. stapendectomy
    removal of stapes bone
  5. sensorineural
    • inner ear
    • hair cells in the cochlea of the acoustic nerve may be damaged
    • permanent, mild to deafness, usually affects higher frequencies, has severe effect on acquisition of language
  6. 10 causes of sensorineural hearing loss
    • drugs
    • noise
    • infections
    • maternal rubella
    • heredity
    • birth defects
    • anorexia
    • acoustic neuroma (tumor on acoustic nerves)
    • old age (prebycusis
    • Meniere's disease (vertigo, tinnitis)
  7. mixed hearing loss
    middle and inner ear involved, aka conductive sensorineural
  8. Central Auditory Disorders
    • affects central auditory system of CNS
    • brainstem, fibers to auditory areas of the brain & auditory cortex
  9. causes of central auditory disorders
    tumors, brain damage, degenerative dieases
  10. person perceives sound but does not understand what they are hearing
    central auditory disorder
  11. hearing threshold level
    an intensity level at which a tone is faintly heard at least 50% of the time
  12. speech audiometry
    conducted to find out how well a person understands speech & discriminates between speech sounds
  13. SRT
    The lowest level at which the person cannot understand at least 50% of the words presented
  14. acoustic immittance
    • a specialty test to assist in the Dx of ...?
    • conductive pathology
    • a measure of compliance of the tympanic membrane
    • generates a tympanogram
  15. Auditory Brain Stem Evoked Response (ABR)
    electrical activity in the C VIII, the brain stem, & the cortical areas of the brain
  16. hearing screening
    • delineates the need for audiological evaluation
    • 20 or 25 dB at 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k
  17. impact of hearing loss depends on (4)
    • age
    • degree
    • other disabilities
    • time & quality of intervention
  18. hearing aid definition
    a device to amplify sounds, modified to an individual's pattern of hearing loss
  19. 3 types of hearing aids
    • BTE (behind the ear)
    • ITC (in the canal) 
    • CIC (completely in the canal)
  20. parts of hearing aid
    • battery
    • microphone
    • amplifier
    • receiver
  21. Cochlear implants
    deliver sound directly to the acoustic nerve ending in cochlea
  22. FM Systems
    assists in auditory training by amplifying sound
  23. Auditory training
    learns to listen to amplified sounds, recognize meaning, and distinguising sounds
  24. speech
    (lipreading) understanding speech by looking at the face of the speaker
  25. Steps of Oral Language Training
    • 1: amplification
    • 2: auditory training & language stimulation
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